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Calc field length from Col position.
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Calc field length from Col position.
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Contents of the FLENGTH.DOC file

PURPOSE: Calculate field lengths from column positions
DATE: 6/10/87
AUTHOR: Thomas A. Lundin
Graphics Unlimited Inc.
3000 2nd St. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 588-7571

DESCRIPTION: FLENGTH accepts as input pairs of column positions, typically
taken from a record layout, and calculates the length of the
fields defined by the positions. An application would be to
dBASE field sizes from a COBOL or RPG-type record layout
document. The program allows the lengths to be written to a
disk file.

OPERATION: The command line invocation is:


The program will prompt you for the values of the starting and
ending column positions. Use carriage return to advance from
one to the other after keying in the value. A "return only"
will exit. As each pair is entered, the values are displayed
below the entry line, along with the length of the column
pair, and the current total record length value.

Values may range from 0 to 9999. Unpredictable results occur
outside of this range. Approximately 60 column pairs can be

When a carriage return only is entered as the starting column
value, the program will ask if you wish to save the lengths in
a file (named FIELD.LEN). Respond Y or N. Note that ONLY THE
LENGTHS are saved, not the column pairs as shown on the
display. If you wish to print an image of the display, use the
IBM Shift-PrtSc key.

NOTES: The program must reside in a subdirectory defined in a PATH
command, or it must reside in the current subdirectory. (It
reads itself for certain runtime parameters.)

MACHINE: The program will run on any IBM PC/XT/AT series computer using
MS-DOS 2.x or higher, with a minimum of 128K RAM.

DISCLAIMER: This program is distributed as user-supported software. Use it,
copy it, give it to your friends. No warranties, either
expressed or implied, are given by the author or distributor of
the program, and the user accepts all risk of damage arising out
of the application and use of the program.

BEG: If you like the program, send a couple of bucks or some
unexpired fast food coupons (prefer Taco Bell or Zantigo) to me
at the address listed above.

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