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Qedit macros for use with Clipper!.
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Qedit macros for use with Clipper!.
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Contents of the ANSI_CLS.TXT file

According to IBM's DOS Technical Reference Manual (for DOS Version 3.30)
the numeric values understood by ANSI.SYS are as follows:

Value Meaning
--- ------
0 All attributes off (normal white on black)
1 Bold on (high intensity)
4 Underscore on (IBM Monochrome Display only)
5 Blink on
7 Reverse video on
8 Canceled on (invisible)
30 Black foreground
31 Red foreground
32 Green foreground
33 Yellow foreground
34 Blue foreground
35 Magenta foreground
36 Cyan foreground
37 White foreground
40 Black background
41 Red background
42 Green background
43 Yellow background
44 Blue background
45 Magenta background
46 Cyan background
47 White background

For example, I usually have my screen set to display white letters on a
blue background. The SGR escape sequence for this would be "ESC[37;44m".

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