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A large collection of Clipper files and routines.
File FDILIB.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Dbase Source Code
A large collection of Clipper files and routines.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BRO.PRG 15044 4229 deflated
C2CLIP.PRG 884 300 deflated
CAL_HELP.PRG 5295 1641 deflated
COLORS.PRG 9360 2481 deflated
COMPLIST 634 243 deflated
CO_PROCS.PRG 3468 1057 deflated
DIMIT.286 621 447 deflated
DIMIT.C 2538 551 deflated
DIMIT.OBJ 936 629 deflated
DISKS.PRG 3611 1286 deflated
DISPARR.PRG 1220 458 deflated
ERRORSYS.PRG 7890 1811 deflated
FDI89.LIB 97005 39657 deflated
FDILIST 8850 1989 deflated
GLOBAL.PRG 3255 965 deflated
HC_HELP.PRG 3545 912 deflated
HELP_SYS.PRG 2887 1120 deflated
LIBHLP.PRG 1026 357 deflated
NETPRINT.PRG 2980 966 deflated
PICKS.PRG 3843 1381 deflated
PICKS2.PRG 5693 1839 deflated
PROLOGUE.PRG 4667 1676 deflated
READ.ME 1560 744 deflated
SPECIAL.PRG 5456 1820 deflated
STATION.ASM 1793 656 deflated
STATION.OBJ 113 112 deflated
STD_KEYS.PRG 18108 4591 deflated
STD_PRC.PRG 25627 7086 deflated
STD_SET.PRG 7498 2481 deflated
WIND.PRG 4473 1443 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Michael Horwith of Financial Dynamics made these files available to members
of the Washington Area Clipper User's Group after his presentation to WACUG
at the January 30th meeting of WACUG, through WACUG's BBS system. When
I downloaded the files, there was no documentation on the distribution status
of the files (other than a copyright notice, and "All Rights Reserved").
At the meeting, Mr. Horwith referred to this software as "Freeware" and
said that we could make and distribute copies to whomever we wanted. In
order to clarify whether these files could be generally distributed over
a BBS system, I called Financial Dynamics on February 2nd. I asked Mr.
Horwith whether I could post this software on my BBS. His response was:
"It's Freeware. Do whatever you want with it." He also granted me
permission to add this explanatory READ.ME to the ZIPs. The Clipper and BBS
communities owe Mr. Horwith and Financial Dynamics a vote of thanks.

Financial Dynamics' address and phone numbers are:

Financial Dynamics
Three Skyline Place
5201 Leesburg Pike
Suite 209
Falls Church, VA 22041

Voice: (703) 671-3003
Fax: (703) 820-2298

This READ.ME file was written by:

Tadas Osmolskis
SYSOP, Generation 5 BBS

BBS: (301) 680-9300
Voice: (301) 680-3600
Fax: (301) 622-0600

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