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Fossil Drivers for Clipper S'87 and Clipper 5.01.
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Fossil Drivers for Clipper S’87 and Clipper 5.01.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Fossil Drivers for Clipper S'87 and Clipper 5.01.

To use these routines, you must use BNU.COM, BNU.SYS or X00.SYS or some
equivalent. There are more routines in the FOSCOM.ASM then are listed in the
TESTCOM.PRG test program. If you plan to call outside programs like DSZ from
within a Clipper application, I recommend you first close the port, and then
re-initalize...but don't put DTR down!...or you will lose carrier. In order
to hang up, you should drop DTR. (FOS_DTRDN)

Jim Nickel
Prism Consulting
DLC-West BBS - 306-352-9378 Multi-Line 5 Gigs Written in Clipper
12 Gardiner Ave
Regina, Sk
S4S 4P6

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