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Clipper 5.01a array problem fix from Nantucket Forum.
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Clipper 5.01a array problem fix from Nantucket Forum.
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147CL2.EXE 7830 7819 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Contained in 147CL2.EXE is a fix to the AEVAL problem in Clipper
5.01a Rev x147. It is a problem where if the 4th param wasn't passed
only 4 array elements would be processed!

This patch will also fix some TOTAL ON and APPEND FROM bugs
(both these commands AEVAL() internally)!

If this patch does not execute correctly then you may have
missed one or more of the patches in the sequence. The sequence
of patches should be executed as follows:

1. Start with a fresh copy of Clipper 5.01 (rev 129)
2. Download "C501A.EXE" and apply against 129 -> Produces 147
3. Download "AE501A.EXE" and execute, README.1ST (this file) and
147CL2.EXE will be created.
4. Apply 147CL2.EXE against Clipper 5.01a Rev x147's CLIPPER.LIB
(dated 09/07/92 and timestamp 5:00a)

Your new CLIPPER.LIB should be dated 10/16/92 and timestamp 6:00a.

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