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Windows 3.0 dBase .DBF file browser.
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Windows 3.0 dBase .DBF file browser.
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##$%%&-}dBrowser 1.1

Copyright 1990

Dirk Schesmer
Paracelsusstr. 83
D-7000 Stuttgart 70

Do You use dBASE-files for storing Your addresses or bibliography?
Do You further work with Text-Processors like Word for Windows or AMI under MS-Windows 3.0 and want to import records from dBASE-files? Really? Then You indeed need dBrowser.

Whats dBrowser?

dBrowser shows DBF-files under MS Windows 3.0. Currently supported file-formats are dBase III, III+, IV , Foxbase, FoxPro and Clipper. You can skip through Your datebase and search for records containing any string. Simple Views (i.e. projections) are supported. The record displayed may be copied to Clipboard. To separate fields from each other, several delimiters - including user-defined - are supported, empty fields are excluded from copying optionally.

Whats new with Version 1.1?

- First of all, there is no English Version 1.0.
- Several bugs in German Version 1.0 have been fixed and eliminated.
- Multiple instances of dBrowser are supported.
- A toggle-switch displays or hides records marked as deleted.
- The current record can be deleted or recalled.
- Hidden Fields are excluded from being copied into Clipboard.
- Formatting of date fields depends on win.inis parameters iDate and sDate.

How to install and use dBrowser?

Copy the file dbrowser.exe to Your fixed-disk-drive und install it using program-managers file-new menu option. You can specify as startup-parameter path/filename of a dbf-file you want to load by default.
e.g.:c:\windows\utils\dbrowser.exe c:\data\address.dbf

The Shareware Fee

As shareware, you are entitled to try dBrowser out for 21 days free, upload it to online services, and give copies to associates, subject to the following conditions:

1)A lot of time and effort went into writing and testing dBrowser. If you do use it, pay the modest shareware fee of $30 US (or equivalent) to the author. By paying the shareware fee, you will become a registered user of dBrowser and receive a license-number. After registration, the annoying "license"-screen will be suppressed.

Paying the small shareware fee for something you find useful encourages the free exchange of information currently enjoyed by the software community. It also encourages the author to support and upgrade the program. Not paying is both unlawful and uncool.

2)You may give an evaluation copy (non-registered) of dBrowser to others, but may not distribute dBrowser for direct or indirect profit by any means.

3)You may not alter DBROWSER.EXE or this documentation in any way. When distributing dBrowser, you must include this documentation with the package.

4)While every effort has been made to test dBrowser in various environments, the author is not liable for any damages caused directly or indirectly through the use or misuse of dBrowser.

To register as an authorized user of dBrowser, send the author (shown below) the modest shareware fee.
If you send $30 US, you will be registered and I will mail you a personal license-number.

Please, send your shareware fee payable to:

Dirk Schesmer
Paracelsusstr. 83
D-7000 Stuttgart 70

I appreciate and encourage all user feedback that will help me improve the product. For any questions, comments or complaints, you can contact me by mail as detailed above.

Many thanks for your support,

Dirk Schesmer, November 1990



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