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Version 1.1b of SIx driver for Clipper 5.2.
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Version 1.1b of SIx driver for Clipper 5.2.
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Contents of the SIX52.DOC file

SIx Driver v1.1b for Clipper 5.2

NOTE: References to Clipper 5.2 also include the just-released 5.2a
update, which also works with this release of the SIx Driver.

This patch file (SIX52.EXE) will update the SIx Driver v1.1a (dated
12-01-92, 12:00a) to the Clipper 5.2-compatible v1.1b release (dated
03-25-93, 5:20a). This patch file will ONLY update this v1.1a release!

The patch file will update the existing LIB, NG, and OBJ files and will
create new LNK and CH files.

To update your SIx Driver v1.1a to the Clipper 5.2-compatible v1.1b
release, follow these steps:

1. First of all... if you are still working with Clipper 5.01a, make
a COPY of all of your SIx Driver v1.1a files and put them in a new
directory. You'll need to have two copies of your v1.1a files;
One to be updated to the v1.1b release for Clipper 5.01a, and one
for Clipper 5.2.)

If you haven't already downloaded it, you'll need the SIX501.EXE
file (inside the SIX501.ZIP file) to update to the 5.01a-compatible
SIx Driver v1.1b.

2. Make sure that all the following SIx Driver v1.1a files are in the
directory to be updated:


NOTE: The FGET.OBJ and DBCREATE.OBJ files are no longer needed
under Clipper 5.2.

3. Make sure that the SIX52.EXE patch file is in the same directory as
your SIx Driver files (listed above) and run it. It will update
the files listed above, and create new copies of all of the new
header (.CH) and link (.LNK) script files.

All of the old files will be renamed with a ($) at the end of the
file extension. For example, your old DBFSIX.LIB will be renamed

4. Now, copy the newly updated files (all of which will have a
date/time stamp of 3-25-93, 5:20a) to whichever directories you
need them in to work with Clipper 5.2.

See the new NG files for specific details of what's new and different in
this release. Here's a short rundown of some of the primary additions
and changes in this release:

SIx Driver:
Provided Clipper 5.2 compatibility
Provided FoxPro record-locking compatibility
Improved speed performance, especially in shared operations

Mach SIx:
Provided Clipper 5.2 compatibility
Provided transparent support for SET FILTER optimization (no
header file or function call required!)
Support for instring ($) operator optimization
Increased maximum DBF size that can be optimized from 524,000
to 524 million

If you have any problems using this update patch, please contact
SuccessWare Tech Support or, if outside the USA, your local dealer or

The full file set (non-patch) will be posted in the PRIVATE files area of
the BabelBoard BBS (909-694-6891) for all registered SIx Driver owners to
download, if required.

Thank You!

The SuccessWare Team

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