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Report.gen replacement for Dbase IV 1.1. Fixes several bugs.
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Report.gen replacement for Dbase IV 1.1. Fixes several bugs.
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Contents of the REPVERT.DOC file

REPVERT.GEN Version 1.0 -- a modified REPORT.GEN for dBASE IV 1.1
Joel Saltzman
Ashton-Tate Software Support

This report file offers repairs for two anomalies.

1. The current REPORT.GEN will attempt to put up to 17 report
fields (database fields, calculated fields, predefined fields,
summary fields) on one line in the .FRG, possibly exceeding the
maximum line length of 1024. A line that exceeds 1024 characters
will not compile. REPVERT.GEN only allows 7 report fields per
line of generated code. This will repair all but the longest
combinations of calculated fields. This change will not inhibit
you from including as many fields on one line as you're
accustomed to.

2. The second anamoly occurs when you have more than 17 fields in
a detail band and one of the first 17 fields has vertical
stretch selected as one of its picture functions. If the
vertical stretch field (indicated by a group of Vs representing
the field in the report layout) stretches for more than one line,
all fields following the 17th field will print on the last line
of the vertical stretch. They should be printing on the same
line. REPVERT.GEN fixes this problem.

To use this modified REPORT.GEN file, do the following steps:

1. Insert the diskette into your A (or any other) drive.
2. Go into the directory where dBASE is installed.
3. At the DOS prompt, type


The next time you run dBASE, REPVERT.GEN will be used to produce
your reports. For any reports that you created prior to using
REPVERT.GEN, erase .FRG and .FRO to
force dBASE to regenerate your old report. Don't worry -- as
long as .FRM is intact, you will not need to
redesign the report. You can safely copy REPVERT.GEN over your
current REPORT.GEN, as all functionality of the original is

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