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Printer setup routines for Clipper applications.
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Printer setup routines for Clipper applications.
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Contents of the PRTSETUP.DOC file

by Ronald Hall

To allow the dBASE programmer to provide the user with the
ability to utilitize printer specific commands for the following
print functions the program PRTSETUP.PRG was written by Kent
Irwin and modified by me:

Global Variables Memory Variable Names

1. Six Lines/Inch p_six
2. Eight Lines/Inch p_eight
3. Ten CPI p_10cpi
4. Twelve CPI p_12cpi
5. Reset to Default p_reset

On/Off Variables Memory Variable Names
Set On Set Off

1. Compressed p_cmpr_on p_cmpr_off
2. Letter Quality p_nlq_on p_nlq_off
3. Bold p_bold_on p_bold_off
4. Underline p_und_on p_und_off
5. Italic p_ital_on p_ital_off
6. Emphasized p_emph_on p_emph_off
7. Double-Strike p_dbl_on p_dbl_off
8. Expanded p_expn_on p_expn_off
9. Superscript p_supr_on p_supr_off
10. Subscript p_sub_on p_sub_off

The disk contains the following datasets:

1. PRTSETUP.DOC (this document)
2. PRTSETUP.PRG (create MEM files)
3. PRTTEST.PRG (test MEM files)
4. PRTSETUP.EXE (Clipper compiled version)
5. PRTTEST.EXE (Clipper compiled version)
6. LASERJET.MEM (sample for HP LaserJet Series II)
7. DESKJET.MEM (sample for HP DeskJet)

PRTSETUP creates a print driver (MEM file) for each unique
printer that the user is trying to develop. PRTTEST tests any
print driver created with PRTSETUP by displaying on a single page
all examples using the print driver being tested.

The programmer can either provide the user with the EXE files or
incorporate the PRG files into the application program. The use
of the driver is very easy in that unique memory variables are
created for each action, both on & off. Examination of the
PRTTEST.PRG shows how the variables to be printed are
concatenated as a string variable in the form:




If the data field is not a character field, then it must be
converted before being used as a concatenated string variable.

Normally the driver is used in conjunction with a report
developed using a PRG file rather than an FRM. But it can be
used with the HEADING command on the REPORT FORM or on individual
CONTENTS fields, but not on the FIELD HEADINGS or the REPORT

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