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YST3 is a UDF, for use with Foxpro, that enables the user to send faxes from applications.
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YST3 is a UDF, for use with Foxpro, that enables the user to send faxes from applications.
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YST3 is a user defined function, for use with Fox Software's Foxpro,
that enables the user to send faxes from applications. YST3 utilizes
theGammalink Fax boards and software. Supplied with the Gammalink CP
board is a utility called GCL. The YST3 function writes a script file
and then invokes GCL to read the commands. This shareware package
(YST3) includes source code. YST3 does not take advantage of all the
functions provided by GCL. The source code is included to allow for


You can use, copy and freely distribute this software - provided you do
not resell the source code under another name.


Grimberg Associates hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this
product. Grimberg Associates will not be liable for any special,
incidental, consequential, indirect or similar damages due to loss of
data or any other reason.

How to Use:

Sending Faxes

YST3 lets you send one fax to one location, one fax to many
locations, many faxes to one location, many faxes to many locations.
With the fax submission you may also include start time, end time,
and fax header.

First, you must initialize a few variables for YST3. These variables
tell YST3 how to reach an outside line and what the users area code is.
The outside line variable is inserted onto the front of the number to
be faxed. If the fax destination is in the same area code, then the
area code is stripped off. If the destination is not in the same area
code, then a 1 is put on the front of the number. Here is an example:


This will set the outside line to 9, and the area code to 703.

Here is the Send option syntax:


Parameter 1 is the "SEND" command.

Parameter 2 is the list of files.

Page -1-

Parameter 3 is the list of phone numbers.

Parameter 4 is the Start Times to send the Documents.

Parameter 5 is the End Time to stop trying to send the document.

Parameter 6 is the Header for the document.

Example of one document to one number:


Example of one document to many numbers:


Example of many documents to one number:


Example of many documents to many numbers:


YST3 will provide a list of files in the PENDING, SENT, RECEIVE
fax queues. When running the report command YST3 will return a
filename. This file contains the list.

Example of retrieving the SENT Queue:


Example of retrieving the PENDING Queue:


Example of retrieving the RECEIVE Queue:


For fax board pricing and information -
Gammalink can be reached at: (408) 744-1430

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If you use this software, please register and send the small
registration fee.

Name: _________________________________________________________

Company: ______________________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City,State,Zip ________________________________________________

Phone: _________________ Fax: ____________________

Registration Fee: $10.00

VA Residents add $ .45 Tax

Total: _______________

Make Check or Money Order to: Grimberg Associates

Send to: Grimberg Associates
P.O. Box 316
Falls Church, VA

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