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C source code that allows you to access DBASE dbf files. Very nice functions, but will not handle indexs.
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C source code that allows you to access DBASE dbf files. Very nice functions, but will not handle indexs.
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Contents of the DBASE.DOC file


To Whom It May Concern:

These functions will allow you to access DBIII+ data files from
C programs. This source was compiled the the Lattice compiler version
3.11 In the SMALL memory model. The file I/O functions used were low
level assembler routines which are included. These routines merely
duplicate the library functions already found in the standard C library,
I did it just for fun ! I'm sure you could convert this source to
any other C compiler with little or no trouble, good luck !

This source code is released into the public domain for personal use only,
if you would like to use it for commercial purposes send $15.00 to

Paul McDonald
2200 Columbia Pike
Apt. 917
Arlington, Va 22204

The money will be used to upkeep my BBS (LOGITEK 703-920-7028), any other
donations will also be greatly appreciated.

Paul McDonald


The following is a quick reference to the functions contained

OPENDBF() - opens a dbf file for read/write access

CLOSEDBF() - closes a dbf file, updates the header, and
releases all associated buffers.

READREC() - reads the specified record from the file into
the field structure buffers.

WRITEREC() - writes the specified record to the dbf file.

APPEND() - appends a record to the file, fills all fields with

DELETE() - logically deletes a record.

UNDELETE() - logically undeletes a record.

MAKHEAD() - creates the header for a new DBF file. ( NOT TESTED )

ADDFIELD() - adds a field to the field structure of a new
file. (NOT TESTED)

ZAP() - Deletes and packs all records in a file.

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