Dec 102017
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Category Dbase Source Code
C source code that allows you to access DBASE dbf files. Very nice functions, but will not handle indexs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BROWSE.C 4655 1228 deflated
BROWSE.EXE 12288 6989 deflated
DBASE.DOC 1897 866 deflated
DBASE.H 1990 661 deflated
DBTOC.C 24287 4627 deflated
FILEIO.ASM 11355 2119 deflated
PRINTSTR.ASM 2104 732 deflated
SCROLLUP.C 1047 434 deflated
SYSDATE.ASM 995 382 deflated
TEST.DBF 11644 184 deflated

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