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Russell Freeland's screen color utility for Dbase programs.
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Russell Freeland’s screen color utility for Dbase programs.
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Contents of the COLORS.DOC file

COLORS.COM and COLORS.BIN are extracted from SCRIMAGE, my new screen and menu
generator for dBASE and other languages. COLORS.COM will be available shortly
in TSR form as well. What COLORS does is pop up a grid of available colors
on your PC's screen, and allow you to choose a color. Unlike the SCRIMAGE
version, COLORS allows you to "walk around" the whole screen and see the
decimal, binary, hex, and dBASE color equivalents of the screen area the cursor
is on. The BIN version also passes back to the calling program the dBASE
SET COLOR string. FoxBASE+, DBXL, and Quicksilver should work as well, and
Clipper OBJ for Summer '87 is also supplied.

Warning!! colors.bin MUST be called with a character parameter that is at
least 10 characters long:

SET COLOR TO &memvar

COLORS.OBJ is a UDF for Summer '87 Clipper. Syntax is:


R. Russell Freeland
Synergy Corp.

I hereby renounce all rights to this version of COLORS.COM, COLORS.BIN, and
COLORS.OBJ, and place them in the public domain. No strings, no royalties,
and NO SUPPORT! [grin]


Further info about COLORS and SCRIMAGE is available from:

Integrated Development Corp.
94 Forrest St.
Paistow, NH 03865
(603) 382-1313

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