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Clipper source examples part 2 of FDILIB.
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Clipper source examples part 2 of FDILIB.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
C.BAT 73 72 deflated
CAL.CLP 71 51 deflated
CAL_REP.PRG 3993 1304 deflated
EVENTS.DBF 130 52 deflated
EV_MAINT.PRG 7600 2352 deflated
HELP.PRG 675 364 deflated
MENU.PRG 997 484 deflated
PRC.PRG 386 159 deflated
READ.ME 1560 744 deflated
SETUP.DBF 1560 404 deflated
STDCOLOR.DBF 3072 460 deflated
STDPRINT.DBF 915 231 deflated
WHOM.DBF 98 36 deflated
WH_MAINT.PRG 507 324 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Michael Horwith of Financial Dynamics made these files available to members
of the Washington Area Clipper User's Group after his presentation to WACUG
at the January 30th meeting of WACUG, through WACUG's BBS system. When
I downloaded the files, there was no documentation on the distribution status
of the files (other than a copyright notice, and "All Rights Reserved").
At the meeting, Mr. Horwith referred to this software as "Freeware" and
said that we could make and distribute copies to whomever we wanted. In
order to clarify whether these files could be generally distributed over
a BBS system, I called Financial Dynamics on February 2nd. I asked Mr.
Horwith whether I could post this software on my BBS. His response was:
"It's Freeware. Do whatever you want with it." He also granted me
permission to add this explanatory READ.ME to the ZIPs. The Clipper and BBS
communities owe Mr. Horwith and Financial Dynamics a vote of thanks.

Financial Dynamics' address and phone numbers are:

Financial Dynamics
Three Skyline Place
5201 Leesburg Pike
Suite 209
Falls Church, VA 22041

Voice: (703) 671-3003
Fax: (703) 820-2298

This READ.ME file was written by:

Tadas Osmolskis
SYSOP, Generation 5 BBS

BBS: (301) 680-9300
Voice: (301) 680-3600
Fax: (301) 622-0600

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