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Simple rolodex type program. Requires FoxPro. Source included.
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Simple rolodex type program. Requires FoxPro. Source included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PHONE.ATR 485 133 deflated
PHONE.BAT 16 16 stored
PHONE.DBF 258 90 deflated
PHONE.DOC 1218 505 deflated
PHONE.FLD 288 125 deflated
PHONE.FOX 20905 6682 deflated
PHONE.FRM 1990 153 deflated
PHONE.LCM 412 61 deflated
PHONE.NDX 1024 35 deflated
PHONE.PAK 1021 412 deflated
PHONE.PRG 35973 7153 deflated
PHONE.PUB 388 86 deflated
PHONE.WIN 2432 944 deflated
PHONINS.MEM 123 46 deflated
PHON_INS.FOX 1467 798 deflated
PHON_INS.PRG 2286 887 deflated

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Contents of the PHONE.DOC file

The Phone Book
for use only with FoxPlus (Any Version)

The Phone Book - is a great Address & Phone Book for either you personal
or business needs.

Most of it's program code was generated with FLASH CODE
(tm) and Light Bar Menus executed by FLASHUP(tm).
Certain code modification was made to fix programmer's .

Before you begin the PHONE program, you must first
install it therefore, allowing FoxPlus to access the
right default drive and path. To do this you must first

**** IMPORTANT ******************************************
* It is important that you run PHONE from within the *
* sub-directory which you have installed it in...... *

* FLASH CODE and FLASHUP are Trademarks of

The Software Bottling Company of New York
6600 Long Island Expressway
Maspeth,NY 11378

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