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Funcky II colors in Norton Guides file format.
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Funcky II colors in Norton Guides file format.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Clipper 5.01, FCOLORS.NG
for FUNCky II

1. Files in Archive:

FCOLORS.NG The FUNCky II Color Attributes Norton Guide(c).
READ.ME This file.

2. Documentation:

Copy the FCOLORS.NG into your directory containing the other Norton
Guides(c). Load the file and enjoy.

This guide file was created using the Expert Help(c) compiler and is
compatiable with any guide reader.

I have been using the powerful Funcky II Libary for a while, however,
I have a problem figuring out color combinations when they are
numerical and require some addition....(I'm more of of visual
kind-of-guy) consequently I decided to create the FColors.NG.
This small guide contains the majority of color foreground and
background combinations I generally use and the corresponding numerical
attribute code for use in the Funcky II library.

I have placed FUNCky II Video functions one line references within
the: Color Summary, Background Series and Blinking Series sections.
These are pure reference, please consult the FUNCky II NG file for

I did not add the Clipper Color codes because I do not use them enough.
However if anyone wants to add these codes I'd be happy to send out my
source code or accept source code to be added. Please contact me at
CompuServe at the below CIS Number.
Luis M. Ambriz
CIS 72611,2045
February 5, 1993

3. History:
2.0 Opps...sorry, in my haste to create the FColors.NG I had a few
wrong I made the corrections and I removed abunch of
stuff, made the NG file much smaller and made the summary screen
visable in one shot. I also added more FUNCKy II functions that
use the color attribute codes.

4. Licence Agreement:
None.....This is a freebie....I place this NG file in the Public Domain
and ask that if you modify it to please honor its source with an
appropriate credit.

Clipper 5.01, FCOLORS.NG
for FUNCky II

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