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Some tools for DESQview users, one spawns tasks in dBase. Includes ASM source code.
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Some tools for DESQview users, one spawns tasks in dBase. Includes ASM source code.
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ALLOW.ASM 722 307 deflated
ALLOW.COM 53 53 stored
ASM.BAT 50 46 deflated
BG.ASM 724 312 deflated
BG.COM 50 50 stored
DBFDVS.ASM 2693 1068 deflated
DBFDVS.BIN 579 168 deflated
DBFDVS.DOC 1410 732 deflated
DISALLOW.ASM 722 309 deflated
DISALLOW.COM 53 53 stored
DVS.EXE 13268 8266 deflated
FG.ASM 721 309 deflated
FG.COM 53 53 stored
README.DOC 1974 975 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

DVTOOLS Readme File

DVTOOLS is a collection of programs that I have written for DESQview v2.42 that
I am releasing to the Public Domain as Shareware.
The progams with source include:

ALLOW.COM - Enables the DESQview Key and menus
DISALLOW.COM - Disables the DESQview Key and menus
BG.COM - Forces window into the background
FG.COM - Forces window into the foreground
DBFDVS.BIN - dBase Compatible program to spawn tasks
DBFDVS.DOC - Documentation for DBFDVS.BIN

All the above programs were written in Microsoft Assembler 5.1 and linked with
Microsoft Link 5.1. Except DBFDVS.BIN none of the above require parameters.

DVS.EXE is the only program without source code and is going through some
changes to: control all pif setting, to work as a monitor, and with a menu
interface in C++. DVS.EXE is described below.

Usage: DVS Command Parameters [-b] [-d[path]]
Command = 2 digit startup code
Parameters = Parameters to Command
-b = Start in background
-d = Default path to start in
if no path is given the default is
the current working directory and drive

You can set a DOS environment variable called DVS to where the Desqview
directory is. If you do not specify an environment variable DVS defaults
to C:\DV\. If more than one Parameter please enclose them in quotes.

C:\>DVS WP -b
C:\>DVS BR DVS.C -b -d
C:\>DVS WP resume.doc -de:\DOCS -b

Charles N. Jackson, III
Post Office Box 13407
Silver Spring, Maryland 20911
(301) 587-2202

If you find anything useful or want future utils, write or call
the above address. Checks of $5 or $10 appreciated however,
not mandantory. It just helps a starvin' student.

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