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Procedures for using BandIT report writer with R&R rrunin.dbf file.
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Procedures for using BandIT report writer with R&R rrunin.dbf file.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The file RpRRunin.prg is a little function Rich and I wrote to allow the
Bandit user to use the familiar old RRunin.dbf as a director for your
Bandit reports.

It's usage is simple.. RpRRunin( , , )

RRUNFILE is the name of the R&R control file

RR_RECNO is the record number in RRUNFILE which contains the info about
the report you want to run

LOPENFLAG tells Bandit if you want it to open the files or not

You should also note, that you will need to add a field to your RRUNIN.DBF
called bPrinter which should be a Character field of size 40.

The NAME of your .RH1 file should be stored in the RI_Library field.

Read the source code to figure the rest of it out, it is very easy to

Compile with CLIPPER RpRRunin /m /n

Or if you just want to test it, there is test code built in. Just
compile with CLIPPER RpRrunin /m /n /DTEST. Link and run. The test code
assumes RRUNIN.DBF, but feel free to change it.

RpRRunin() works fine in Real or Protected mode.

RpRrunin() is copyright 1993 by: Fieldston Consulting Group Inc. &
Omicron Software, Inc., but you may use and distribute it freely.

Should you find any bugs etc, please report them to Rich Horwitz or
John Stolte via the Bandit BBS or CIS.

John H. Stolte, Sr. Richard Horwitz
CIS: 71334,3020 CIS: 70441,2034

Also, you are encouraged to upload any enhancements or other functions
that you have written which will help others to use Bandit.



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