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Use a mouse in DBase III.
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Use a mouse in DBase III.
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Contents of the README file

These mice menus were created using Microsoft's menu maker and
intented to be used with the same software package. If other
mice programs allow one to run these menus, so much the better.

I have currently been using these menus inside of dbase 3 and dos
for executing individual files, running batch files or changing
to other sub-directories.

Because of the millions of various sub-directories and batch
files accounted for by the individualilty of each system, I am
just giving the guide program that can be modified to one's own

I have used the term 'ret' for a carriage return, also 'cls' for
clearing the screen

Using a key command followed by the 'ret' will execute a program
with one mouse click.
example: key?,ret ; the ? is the variable

Carl K. Shepherd
800 Lunt Ave.
Schaumburg, ILL 60193


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