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Outstanding dBase III/ Clipper Data Input Screen Generating Utility!.
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Outstanding dBase III/ Clipper Data Input Screen Generating Utility!.
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Contents of the CLIPMAKE.DOC file


Clipper (tm) Screen Designer

Version 2.1

This version fixes several bugs and spelling errors in the original version
of the program.

CLIPMAKE is designed to produce data entry screen programs that are compatible
with the Winter '85 release of the dBASEIII compiler known as Clipper. If
you refrain from using the BOX and MENU commands, the code produced should
also work with normal DB3.

This is a very new program, and has such may have a bug or two that I have
not yet found. If you run across something anolmalous I would appreciate
it if you'd drop me a line at the address below.

Most of CLIPMAKE's functions are very self-explanatory; the product was
designed to require little or no documentation (which is a good idea when
designing something for SHAREWARE... you never know if the DOC file will
stay with the program). Here is an overview:

F1 - Colors. Press F1 and answer the questions that follow. CLIPMAKE
assumes that you are clever enough to not assign the screen to black
on black, etc... Bright and blinking switches are supported.

F2 - Boxes. Use cursor movement to define the box, after which you may
choose one of four boxes - double lines, single lines, double top
with single sides, or single top with double sides.

Cursor Movement - Arrows are obvious, Pgup and Pgdn take you to the
top & bottom of the screen, respectively, Home and End take you to
the left and right edge of the screen, respectively, Therefore
Home and Pgup, in either order (not together) will put you in the
upper right corner, and so forth.

F3 - @Say/Gets. You'll have the option of generating a SAY alone, a
GET alone, or a SAY/GET pair. You may enter a series of these,
and when you choose Done the READ will be generated if you have
included at least one GET in the series. Also, a CLEAR GETS
will appear before the first GET you define.

F4 - Menus. Works just like SAY/GETS, except that you have only the
option of creating the prompts, and then issueing a Done to gen-
erate the MENU TO command.

F5 - Clear. Will clear the screen and generate a CLEAR command in your
resultant program.

F6 - Reset. Will clear the screen and empty the program storage area.
Use F9 first if you have saveable work.

F7-F8 Reserved for future enhancements.

F9 - Generate program. All you will be asked to supply will be a program
name (keep it legal... again, CLIPMAKE won't babysit the name) to
which the extension .PRG will be added. After exiting CLIPMAKE you
may examine your code using any ASCII text editor or dBASE.

F10 - Quit.

CLIPMAKE generates DB3 code for the commands you issue IN THE ORDER YOU
ISSUE THEN. The program does not do DB3 syntax checking, since you may
be planning to add things after CLIPMAKE is done.

CLIPMAKE is not intended as a complete DB3 development system, obviously,
but I have used it in my projects and have found it to be quite a time

Note: Use Esc to terminate a command in progress, but be careful. If you
generate a couple of GETS, then hit Esc, the program will return to the
command state, but the completed GETs will still be there. If you hit Esc
while building a SAY or a GET, the current SAY or GET will be safely term-
inated and you will return to the SAY/GET menu. This also holds true for
the Prompt/Menu routine. Also, keep in mind that no matter what happens
to your code you can always fuss with it after CLIPMAKE is finished.

I hope you find this program usefull.

Scott L. Bain
2105 29th Street
San Diego, CA

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