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A Clipper application that will handle large personalized mailings. Includes full Clipper source code and examples.
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A Clipper application that will handle large personalized mailings. Includes full Clipper source code and examples.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

February 15, 1987

To all:

It is a lot easier to write programs than to write documentation
...... so this is all you get for documentation.

I originally wrote this program in dBASE 2 to handle some large
personalized mailings we do several times a year at my office. It was
released in the SIG/M library (Vol. 110 - March 15, 1983 - so you see
how long it has been around.) We also put it out in the PC/BLUE

When we got PCs I revised the program - and we released it in
dBASE 3 and Clipper on SIG/M 284 and 285. I have revised it so that
it now compiles with the standard Autumn '86 Clipper libraries (see
the .LNK file for the libraries you need).

This new version uses the Framework menu format. Just put
the MAIL.EXE, the *.txt and the LETTERS.* files on your hard disk.
Type mail and it will create its own index file. The operation is
so obvious that you should be able to take it from there. The
source code is provided so you can make any changes you want.

I am not thrilled with the Clipper Memoedit - but rather
than use a non-standard library or a non-standard module - I used
their memoedit. This program will generate personal letters even
without a word processor (it has one built in). I prefer to use
the mail merge output and Newword. One word of caution - if you
use Newword - delete the blank line on top of the data file.
Word Star will disregard it. New Word will get angry over it.

If you really have a problem - my home phone is in the sample
data base. Call me there - or catch my bullet board at (201) 886-

Steve Leon

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