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Radio button in Clipper 5.2.
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Radio button in Clipper 5.2.
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Contents of the RADIOBTN.TXT file

Radio Buttons for Clipper 5.2

You are free to use this public domain code. If you end up using all or
parts of this code in a commercial or shareware library, I'd appreciate it
if you let me know.

For a demonstration, run the batch file MAKEDEMO.BAT to make an EXE. To
use the radio buttons GET Reader in an application, recompile RADIOBTN.PRG
without the /dTEST preprocessor directive.

For more information, look at the comments and the test examples in
RADIOBTN.PRG. When you use radio buttons in your code, make sure your
syntax matches the order of the @SAY..GET clauses in RADIOBTN.CH.
Otherwise, you'll get an error when you compile.

The following people have helped improve this code:

John Forsberg [75170,641]
Rich Miller [70632,734]

I hope that you enjoy our effort!

Dan Comeau [70451,2312]

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