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Good library of low-level functions for Clipper S87.
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Good library of low-level functions for Clipper S87.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXPAND.KEY 1998 795 deflated
EXPAND.LIB 26624 10239 deflated
EXPAND.NG 110065 36837 deflated
EXPAND.USA 615 305 deflated
EXPDEMO.PRG 13352 4759 deflated
EXPSHELL.PRG 1503 670 deflated
PRINTDOC.EXE 12064 6555 deflated
READ.ME 1903 938 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The Expand Library for Clipper '87
Version 3.0

This is version 3.0 of the Expand library for Clipper '87.
As quite some people have requested me to release another version
of it, here it is. See the documentation (EXPAND.NG or EXPAND.DOC) for
more details. Next version of Expand for Clipper (now 5.01) is

The EXPAND30.ZIP, .LZH, .ARJ or whatever extension has won the
compression war, should contain the following files:

EXPAND.LIBThe library, for Clipper Summer '87, version 3.0
EXPAND.NGThe Norton Guide to Expand v3.0
EXPAND.KEYA file containing the keywords of the library
EXPDEMO.PRGA program demonstrating most of Expand's features
I haven't really updated this one much, so have a look
at the documentation for more info on new functions.
EXPSHELL.PRGThis one demonstrates how to Shell to DOS from Clipper
and set a PROMPT to indicate the user that he has shelled
from a Clipper application.
PRINTDOC.EXEA program to generate the documentation in ASCII
Form, ready to be printed (more later).
READ.METhat is this one, or this is that one depending on how
you look at it.

For those of you using Norton Guides, a guide is supplied for convenience.
Normal, ready to be printed, documentation has been left out on purpose, to
save space. A program is supplied instead. PRINTDOC.EXE will read EXPAND.NG
and generate EXPAND.DOC, which in turn can be printed. PRINTDOC assumes
66 lines/page, if you want 72 lines/page, execute PRINTDOC 7 instead. Once
the documentation generated, you can safely delete PRINTDOC.EXE.

You should look out for the CLPFONTS archive if you wish some Fonts for
the LoadFont() function (EGA/VGA only). It Contains a number of fonts that
could be used from within your Clipper application.

Pepijn Smits,
Rotterdam, May 25th, 1991.

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