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Generate lite-bar menus dB3+/PAS/COM & DOC.
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Generate lite-bar menus dB3+/PAS/COM & DOC.
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This is a Turbo Pascal program to write the code for dBase III Plus
lite bar menus as shown in Bob DuCharme's LBARMENU.PRG. I changed the
program flow a little bit in hopes of speeding it up.

Now how it works...

Run LBARGEN. You will be prompted FOR:
1. The name of the dBase command file.
Enter up to eight characters for the file name (do not add .PRG).

2. The title for the menu screen.

3. If a procedure file is associated with this menu and the name
of the procedure file.

4. Number of menu items - enter any number up to twenty.

5. The lines that will appear on your menu.

6. Next you will see the same number of smaller prompts for the
command files or procedures each menu item will call:

[Accounts Receivable Menu________________] [ACCTSREC]
[Order Entry Menu________________________] [ORDENTER]
[________________________________________] [________]
[________________________________________] [________]
[________________________________________] [________]
[________________________________________] [________]

If less than ten menu items are used the menu will appear double
spaced otherwise it will be single spaced. The program will add the
last menu selection as [X] Exit and will, when selected, issue the
dBase command RETURN. This will allow you to build a tree structure
of menus that will return to the next higher level each time [X] is

When you have filled in all of the blanks, the program will generate the
code for your menu.

David McCourt
R D 2
Williamsport, Pa. 17701

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