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A very nice on-line help facility for Clipper with full source code.
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A very nice on-line help facility for Clipper with full source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMO.BAT 66 53 deflated
HELP.PRG 8100 2184 deflated
HELPDEMO.PRG 1176 531 deflated
HELPDEMO.PRJ 277 170 deflated
HSETUP.DBM 1055 322 deflated
ORDER.FRM 3666 791 deflated
README.1ST 1775 673 deflated
SCREENS.DBT 512 379 deflated
SCREENS.HLP 163 59 deflated
SDEMO.REF 32443 5693 deflated
SDEMO.SCR 2051 377 deflated
SUPERHLP.LIB 95329 35515 deflated
SUPERV12.DOC 196 143 deflated
SYSHELP.CLR 149 76 deflated
SYSHELP.DBT 80679 7631 deflated
SYSHELP.HLP 3593 954 deflated
USERGUID.HLP 26462 5594 deflated

Download File SHELPV12.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

The following is a list of files included in Superhelp Help Code Generator
v1.2. The manual is in the form of a Superhelp Users Guide. Please
compile/link helpdemo.prg.

Readme.1st - This file.
Demo.bat - Compile and Link helpdemo.prg using Blinker.
Helpdemo.prg - Sample program with help included.
Help.prg - Sample help program created by Superhlp for Helpdemo
Sdemo.Ref - Reference file created for Helpdemo.prg
Sdemo.Scr - Sample screen created by Screen Capture Utility
Helpdemo.Prj - Project Setup file for Helpdemo.prg
Userguid.Hlp - Sample User Guide created for Helpdemo.prg
Contain information on Superhelp commands.
Superhlp.lib - Linkable Superhelp Help Code Generator Library.
Hsetup.dbm - Superhelp setup file
Syshelp.hlp - Sample Superhelp system file. Contains help system
for Helpdemo.prg
Syshelp.dbt - Memo file for Syshelp.hlp
Screens.hlp - Sample Superhelp screens file. Contains screens
for Helpdemo.prg
Screens.dbt - Memo file for Screens.dbt
Syshelp.Clr - Color Setup file for Superhelp
Order.frm - Order form for Superhelp Help Code Generator.

* Important *

Before getting started, copy Superhlp.lib to your Clipper Library directory.
Make a directory called Superhlp and copy Syshelp.* , Screens.* , and *.clr
to Superhlp directory. Next make an DOS environmental variable called
Superhlp. Example: Set Superhlp=C:\superhlp\

If you like Superhelp please register your copy to get a registered version
and manual. You will also get the next release free.

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