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Force Tools version 1.2 (Toolbox for the Force compiler).
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Force Tools version 1.2 (Toolbox for the Force compiler).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMMANDS.TXT 1055 475 deflated
FCT1.LIB 57401 22305 deflated
FC_ARRAY.HDR 2202 753 deflated
FC_BASE.HDR 2480 581 deflated
FC_DISK.HDR 2875 568 deflated
FC_LIST.EXE 8052 7543 deflated
FC_LIST.PRG 13836 3125 deflated
FC_LOWIO.HDR 4106 1276 deflated
FC_MEM.HDR 3099 763 deflated
FC_MOUSE.HDR 4435 777 deflated
FC_MSNET.HDR 310 164 deflated
FC_NOVEL.HDR 1484 493 deflated
FC_NUM.HDR 1624 394 deflated
FC_PRINT.HDR 1677 609 deflated
FC_SPOOL.HDR 1974 609 deflated
FC_STACK.HDR 1451 429 deflated
FC_STR.HDR 4677 1237 deflated
FC_SYS.HDR 3880 1149 deflated
FC_VIDEO.HDR 1556 561 deflated
FC_WIN.HDR 2102 673 deflated
FUNCTION.TXT 2951 1149 deflated
READ.ME 4016 1578 deflated
STRIP.EXE 3816 3646 deflated
STRIP.PRG 1558 563 deflated
WHATS.NEW 2879 963 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Version 1.2


(c) Copyright 1990, 1991 Peter Raaphorst - All Rights Reserved


Copyright 1990, 1991 Peter Raaphorst
All Rights Reserved

Installing the Force Tools

Normally, this documentation file and all the supporting files are
distributed as the file, "FCT1_12.EXE", which is a self-extracting archive
file. To extract all the files, type:


At the DOS prompt. That will create the lib and header files. To print
the documentation, type:

copy *.HDR LPT1 [ENTER]

The documentation is formatted for 58 lines per page, with 75 characters
per line, to permit easy printing on the widest variety of dot-matrix and
laser printers.

Files in the archive

FCT1.LIB.................The Force Tools library
FC_*.HDR.................The Header files and function documentation
STRIP.EXE................Header-file strip utility
STRIP.PRG................The source code for the strip utilty
FC_LIST.EXE..............Force program lister
FC_LIST.PRG..............Example program using the force tools 1.00
COMMANDS.TXT.............Command file for fc_list
FUNCTION.TXT.............Function file for fc_list
READ.ME..................Late-breaking Information about Force Tools
WHATS.NEW................Latest update information


The force tools are not FREE!. The are distributed as Shareware and should
be registerd after a trial period of 10 day's. You may not sell applications
which uses the force tools until you have registeerd.

The force tools are written in assembly language and optimized for speed.
They are ment to be a time saving help for the serious application developer
and to increase program performance.


What happens if you register :

- You may use the force tools as long as you wish.
- You will receive free support through the telephone number mentioned
in the header file.
- You may download and use updates freely.

Registration fee is $199. This entitles you to use the force tools as
an private person or as company. You may place as much as five copies in your
company on different machines. No runtime license is needed. You are then free
to sell applications wich use the Force tools, with the unregisterd version
you are not !

HOW TO REGISTER (American users)

Fill in your check and send it to:

Rabobank Nederland
Money Transfer Deparment
245 Park Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10167

Make it payable to account number :
Don't forget to put your name and adress on the check, so that whe can send
you mailing and updates.

HOW TO REGISTER (Europian users)

Transfer FL 400 guilder to bank account:
Peter Raaphorst
Rabo bank

Don't forget to put your name and adress on the transfer form so that
whe can send you mailing and updates.


Using the force tools is easy, enter in your source code before you start
using any Force Tools function :

#include (appropiate header for example 🙂 fc_video.hdr

Link with the fct1.lib as option, for example :

LINK test,,,\fct1\fct1.lib \force\lib\force

You should enter the fct1.lib as the first one because some internal force
functions are replaced by the fct1 library routines.

eof -

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