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Beta Clipper enviroment. Allows testing of new libraries.
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Beta Clipper enviroment. Allows testing of new libraries.
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Contents of the DEV.DOC file

Tue 10-18-1988

This program is a intended as a Development Environment,
primarily for use with Clipper, and is at baby-Beta stage.

This program was written basically to test several add-on
Clipper Libraries and products for my company. As such, the source code
is not available. You are, however, free to use/distribute this program
as you see fit. If you have suggestions, leave me a comment here, or on
one of the SilverBullet BBS's. I'll be glad to make modifications if its
of any use to you whatsoever.

I claim or guaranty abolutely nothing about the program, and take
no responsibility at all for what it does, or does not, do. Use it at your
own risk. (Have I covered my butt?)

The add-on products used are:
Swap! (allows swapping Clipper Programs to disk)
from Berner and Associates
Integrated Development Library (ASM function library)
from Integrated Development Corp
Boatswain's Mate Toolbox (ASM function library)
from Jerry Gilmore
UI Programmer (template language supremo!)
from Wallsoft Systems
Proclip2 (ASM function library)
from Genesis Development Corp

and I would highly recommend any of them, several times over.

I am, if anyone cares:

Garry Prefontaine
920 N Washington
Edmond, OK, 74034

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