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This is a great programers development system for Dbase and Clipper. Part 1 of 2.
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This is a great programers development system for Dbase and Clipper. Part 1 of 2.
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ACID.BAT 2819 712 deflated
AC_SYS.EXE 312672 119935 deflated
APP_PROC.OVL 98032 32903 deflated
APP_RPTS.OVL 50976 16081 deflated
SYS_PROC.OVL 59088 19600 deflated
SYS_UTIL.OVL 47840 18026 deflated
VTREE.COM 512 471 deflated
WAT2DO.TXT 1794 768 deflated
WAT_U_SE.TXT 471 161 deflated

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Contents of the WAT2DO.TXT file

What Do I Do Now???

For a quick evaluation of ACID as an Application Software Devel-
opment Tool try the following.

1. Look through ACID itself -- every feature you see used
in ACID transfers to any Application You develop with

2. Run some of the reports available such as the System
Data Encyclopedia, System Architecture, and System
User's Manual (Key Features Only -- Unless you want to
browse through over around a hundred pages of informa-
tion). These same reports will be available in Your

3. Create an ACID Systems Index record for one of Your

4. Once Your Application is in ACID, review ITS Data Ency-
clopedia -- You will see quit a bit of ACID's System
Shell information has joined the information for Your
Application. The assumption is that ACID's System
Shell will become a part of your Application. This
information can easily be removed if you elect not to
incorporate the ACID System Shell.

5. Now run ACID's Source Code Analysis on Your Source Code
and 'Wala' You have a User and a Technical Manual

6. Run System Cross Reference/Flow Analysis on Your Source
Code then run the System Architecture/Flow Diagram Re-
port and see how Your System works.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Run the User's
Manual Summary of Key Features (Screen or File works as well as
printer for this) to get more of an idea of ACID's uses in Appli-
cations Development.

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