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Appointment/event reminder, with dBase source code.
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Appointment/event reminder, with dBase source code.
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Contents of the TICKLER.DOC file

This is a short explanation of the TICKLER.* files enclosed in this .arc

This routine was produced at the request of one of my clients. I have found
it to be very useful in my day to day activities, I hope you do, too.

TICKLER.PRG is an appt. and/or important events reminder system. You simply
enter the DATE, TIME (military), and your NOTE. TICKLER will log the note in
TICKLER.DBF indexed by TICKLER.NDX. TICKLER will mask (filter) the display of
any dates before or more than 10 days in advance of DATE(). This means that
you may enter events for any future date, but you won't be bothered by their
display until 10 days before the event. Of course, this may be adjusted to
suit your particular needs.

This version of TICKLER makes use of Saywhat?! screen files (.SQZ's). You
may opt for your own screens by removing the "&tickler" or "&mainmenu"
statements. If you don't have Saywhat?!, you should get it, it is the best
little screen generator around and it is cheap!! (39.95, a bargain at twice
the price!!)

I use TICKLER for all my customers' programs now. You may include it in any
application you are developing, if you like. Please include :
"Originally Created By Richard L. Wainwright / ALLMINE SYSTEMS - 08/86" in
your program listing if you do use it.

I have added a number of enhancements to my personal version, but I'll leave
that up to you. If you have any questions or feedback, you may call me
@ 897-5309 (voice) Good luck!!

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