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FONTS.PRG allows the use of multiple fonts for the LaserJet III series of printers.
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FONTS.PRG allows the use of multiple fonts for the LaserJet III series of printers.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

LaserFonts I
by Brian J. Hengen
copyright 1993

This program was designed to allow the use of HP LaserJet III(tm)
fonts from dBase III+(tm), which has no direct printer support,
other than for the basic "typewriter" font. This program
(FONTS.PRG) utilizes the PCL 5(tm) printer language supported by
the LaserJet III family of printers to send the appropriate codes
to the printer and allow the use of multiple typefaces and
scaleable fonts.

The basic operation of this program is detailed in the file

You may use this program free of charge for a period not to exceed
ten days. After that, to continue use of this program, you must
register it with the author. I am offering two types of
registration: Personal and Professional. The Personal
registration is for those who only wish to use this program for
their personal (read unpaid) use. The fee for this is only $6.
For this fee, I will mail you a registered copy of this program on
a disk of your choice. The Professional registration is for those
of you who would like to use this program as part of a package they
are developing at work, or that you are developing for sale later.
Basically, if you are going to get any money for anything with this
program, or a part thereof in it, you must register for the
Professional package. In return for your registration, you will
receive a registered copy of the program on your choice of disk,
along with a registration number, a support number, and a lette
stating that you have the right to use this program for
professional use.

Of course, if you cannot afford the miniscule amount for
registration and wish to put your mind at ease (as well as help put
me through college), any amount you can spare would be much

If you have any questions or comments or wish to register, please
write to the following address:

Brian Hengen
2301 E St., N.W. Apt. 513
Washington, D.C.

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