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Library Catalog System, version 1.2; more minor revisions, needs dBase3+.
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Library Catalog System, version 1.2; more minor revisions, needs dBase3+.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTHORS.FRM 1990 1331 deflated
BOOKS.FRM 1990 1372 deflated
DP.PRM 108 45 deflated
DPMM.BIN 3913 286 deflated
DPMMNEW.BIN 3913 286 deflated
DPMMSORT.BIN 3913 502 deflated
DPOUT.BIN 3913 380 deflated
DPSORT.BIN 3913 392 deflated
DPSORT.DBF 2054 440 deflated
DPSORT.FLD 10225 457 deflated
DPSORT.NDX 1024 559 deflated
DPSORT.PRC 20352 2801 deflated
DPSORT.PRG 2944 833 deflated
DPSORT.SCR 3840 317 deflated
DPSORT.SPM 713 123 deflated
DPSORT.SPR 1968 190 deflated
LIBRARY.BIN 3913 424 deflated
LIBRARY.DBF 11776 3567 deflated
LIBRARY.DOC 54784 13684 deflated
LIBRARY.FLD 6544 600 deflated
LIBRARY.NDX 2048 811 deflated
LIBRARY.PRC 24960 4297 deflated
LIBRARY.PRG 5760 1372 deflated
LIBRARY.SCR 3840 341 deflated
LIBRARY.SPM 753 137 deflated
LIBRARY.SPR 1968 227 deflated
LOANERS.FRM 1990 1296 deflated
LOCATION.FRM 1990 1298 deflated
OPENING.BIN 3913 690 deflated
OPENING.SCR 3840 592 deflated
OPENING.SPM 753 52 deflated
OPENING.SPR 1968 440 deflated
READ.BAK 2944 1214 deflated
READ.ME 2143 1081 deflated
SORTWORK.DBF 11528 3551 deflated
WORK.DBF 96 35 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome, and thanks for downloading this copy of Questar's
Library Catalog database program. I hope it helps you to become
more efficient when interacting with your library, clippings
file, or any other collection of data that would benefit from

Like any other surrogate database, this Library Catalog is
only as good as the data in it. If you have a very extensive
collection of data items, you should know that it will take you a
while to enter the data, and there's no easy way around that.

On the other hand, I have found, in many different
experiences, that the power of aggregated data is awesome. We
just don't know how much data we have until an efficient software
package can sort and select it for us. Imagine walking into the
local library and having no index or catalog to help us locate
relevant books or data. I'm betting the same is true of your
"library", however large or small it may be.

Included in this package is a very small sample database that
you can play with until you understand how the menus and screens
work. Before you start cataloging your own data, you should
delete these records. You may either move from record to record,
selecting the Delete option for each one, then Pack the database;
or, if you're dBase proficient, you can USE LIBRARY and then ZAP
the database. Either way, you'll then have an empty database
ready to accept your specific data.

There are four "canned" report formats included in the
package for your immediate use: BOOKS, AUTHORS, LOCATION, and
LOANERS. See Appendix C for sample runs from the sample database.

Finally, this is a SHAREWARE product. If you use Library,
and find it to be of benefit, you should make a $15 Shareware
payment to Questar Associates. These payments will encourage
additional work on Library and lead to enhancements and revisions
that will make it even better. All users making the requested
Shareware payment will receive the next revision at no cost.

Above all, use and enjoy Library. Your comments and
suggestions are always appreciated and welcome.

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