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Allow Multiple Reads in Clipper.
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Allow Multiple Reads in Clipper.
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Having seen so many different ways to do Nested reads I thought
I would share my way with the Clipper community. I call this a Multi_Read,
as we clear all previous reads each time we need to change to some other
Read. We do our read in a DO WHIL so that we can return to our main read
at any time. We must redo our gets when we return to our main read so I use
a PROC to do this. To return to the proper get I use a PROC that test were
we are and keeps looping till its at the right spot. There is no limit to
the number of reads we can do this way as we are not keeping the Vars from
the Sub reads. Any comments or suggestions can be sent to RON'S ROS
(817) 540-4183
Ron Lane

P.S. As this is FREE I am in no way responsible for what you do with it.

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