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Beer Can Collector's Data Base - DB3+ Req'd.
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Beer Can Collector’s Data Base – DB3+ Req’d.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Beer Cans Inventory System, Vers. 1.01, 26 February 1988

by Eric L. Poole
Copyright 1988

System requirements: IBM PC or compatible, DOS 2.0 or higher,
dBASE III Plus, color monitor, and dot-
matrix printer.

Quickstart Instructions (for experienced dBASE III Plus users):

- Make sure you have a CONFIG.SYS file in your root
directory which contains:

FILES = 20

- Make a working copy of the original Beer Cans Inventory
System distribution diskette. Put the original away in a
safe place. Use the working copy.

- Load the programs.

Hard disk systems:
Load the programs on the Beer Cans Inventory System
diskette to a dBASE subdirectory on your hard disk.

Dual floppy disk systems:
Place the Beer Cans Inventory System diskette in the
B: drive.

- Start dBASE III Plus. (Floppy disk users type SET DEFAULT
TO B:)

- Type DO MENU to start the Beer Cans Inventory System.

- Follow the menus to operate the system. The data base
contains sample data for demonstration purposes. After you
finish playing around with the system, you may delete all sample
records by entering ZAP at the dot prompt.

For more detailed instructions, you may display or print the User
Guide (USR_GUID.DOC), which is provided as part of the system.

You should print out the Data Element Dictionary (DE_DICT.DOC)
which provides detailed information on the fields contained in
the data base and the standard coding schemes which are
recommended for loading data.

Happy collecting,

Eric L. Poole
7517 Camp Alger Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22042

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