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Norton's Guide database for FORCE database compiler.
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Norton’s Guide database for FORCE database compiler.
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Contents of the FORCE-NG.DOC file

Welcome to a new era in Norton Guide Databases!

A bold statement at best I am sure, but if you have not yet
looked at this Norton Guides(tm) for FORCE you are in for a bit of a

First the size its HUGE! over 2meg while that is a lot,
remember that CLIPPER's guide is over 1meg. I have tried to make this
the BEST guide around and I think I have succeded with FORCE.NG guide.

I designed this guide with the maximum amount of readibility that
I could. By using windows and maximum color I think I have made the
FORCE.NG guide the most readable & understandable guide around.

While most people use just the minimum color codes i.e. lt. cyan,
lt. magenta and lt. yellow, I have used all the colors available with
Norton Guides(tm). I have included a chart of all these colors with
the FORCE.NG guide so that you may 'dress up' your database if not
with the windows at least with the color. Notice that I use the color
to the fullest for Keywords/examples/italics/bold print everything the
manual uses to get the point across to the programmer. The only
problem is that when you tell the engine to do B/W it does not, but
I have a laptop that I used to enter some of this guide and the colors
worked fine with that (backlit CGA mono screen).

As I have said in the FORCE.NG guide this was NOT a labor of love
I made this guide to help me learn the FORCE language. Also the book
that comes with FORCE was/is pretty shabby, and it does not lay flat
like the spiral bound ones do. This may be because I got the program
on a special, I suppose that they needed to cut costs somewhere but
the manual was not the way to do it.

This guide took several months of entering/proofing to make it
what it is today, and while I am NOT asking for any money I would like
the 'ego' recognition that comes with the work involved in assembling
a project of this size.

However if you are one of those companys that sell disks to
people for a small disk charge and handling fee you are REQUIRED to
call my board @ 703-373-0575 - Dual/HST and leave a me a message with
your phone number so that I can work out a payment plan I require that
these companys pay .10 cents per disk for every disk that has FORCE.NG
on it in any form, .ZIP .LHZ .ZOO .ARC, etc.. Or if there is a better
way to work it out.

Since I did not write the 'engine' that runs this database I
cannot assume any responsibility if Norton Guides(tm) crashes your
data to bit heaven, or if your wife and kids leave you for sitting at
your computer for months just to try to better your database.

if you find any mistakes in this guide - shadows too long/missing
words bass-acwards, etc.. Please drop me a line at:

The ESCAPE HATCH BBS 1-703-373-0575 - Dual/HST v.42 24 hours a day.

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