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Converts select OCLC fields to dBase rec.
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Converts select OCLC fields to dBase rec.
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WALLYG.BIT 3656 1761 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

I really appreciate your willingness to help me on this. IMG2DB.C
is the code I was sent for a program to process the FULL MARC format of
OCLC records, in which our library stores its on-line catalogue. The author
sent it in response to the message in WALLYG.BIT. PROCOMM.IMG is another
sample of what save screens of the records look like. Jon.

IMG2DB.C contains C code for processing FULL MARC records into dBase
records that include author, title, publisher, call number
and subject fields.

WALLYG.BIT contains a PROCOMM.IMG screen save of one of those FULL
MARC records. They come as 80 character lines ended
with a hard return by using the screen save (to disk)
feature of PROCOMM. The save screen begins (line 1, col
1) with PUBLIC CATALOGUE. The last line is Procomm's,
beginning with SCREEN SAVE and ending with CR |.

PROCOMM.IMG contains a couple more screen saves of FULL MARC records
as they come raw, the sort of file I'd want to process.

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