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Use MS mouse with dbaseiii+.
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Use MS mouse with dbaseiii+.
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This is version 2 of MOUSE.PRG, which uses INTER.BIN to
access the Microsoft Mouse (and other Microsoft-compatible mice
that use INT 51) from within dBase III Plus and FoxBase+.

This version is considerably faster than version 1, and the
module INTER.BIN, on which the whole thing depends, is a bit smaller.
A number of bugs have been fixed as well.

The October 1987 issue of DATA BASED ADVISOR magazine will have a
fuller explanation of INTER.BIN. (DATA BASED ADVISOR is available
from Data Based Solutions, 800-336-6060.)

Basically, INTER.BIN lets you access almost all DOS and ROM BIOS
interrupts from a dBase program.

INTER.BIN is written in C. The technique for turning C code into
a BIN module (rather than having to start with assembly language) was
developed by Russell Freeland. Pretty incredible for those of us who
would rather write in C than in assembler!

For more information, you may contact the author:

(617) 876-2102

Hope you like MOUSE.PRG! Stay tuned for more applications using
INTER.BIN (including: check printer status, sending chr(0) to the
printer, getting date & time of a file, creating/removing
subdirectories, almost anything you can do with DOS or ROM BIOS

-- 20 August 1987

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