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Window Maker for Dbase III.
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Window Maker for Dbase III.
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Contents of the DBWIND1.DOC file

Program: DbWind.BIN
Author: Harold O. Koenig (CIS - 75715,41; Delphi - HOKYO)

Clerical Services, Inc.
Rt. 4, Box 152E
Scottsville, VA 24590

Date: April 26, 1987

DO a <>

Notes: DbWind is a module to be loaded and called from programs running
within Dbase III+. The Programmer specifies the top left and bottom right
corners of an area on the screen. DbWind opens a window there and saves
what was behind the window. When the window is closed, whatever lay behind
it is restored to the screen.

In this version, DbWind WILL permit the programmer to perform two SAVES
without an intervening RESTORE, or two RESTORES without an intervening SAVE.

There is a little more information in the instructions of the TEST1.PRG.
Both TEST1.PRG and DBWNWOAN.BIN should be on your Dbase III+ default path.
Then crank up dBAse and DO TEST1.

Examination of TEST1.PRG and DBWNWOAN.ASM ought to answer any questions...

I hope it's helpful.....

P.S. It might make listing or viewing the source file more aesthetic if you
set your printer or screen tab to every 8th place.

With Version 1.1 the parameter got ridiculous, so I've included here the
description of all the characters. I knwo that's redundant (let me say that
again), but I want it to be not too difficult to refer to...

A Discourse on the Parameter: (These values are not necessarily
; trapped, just recommended.)
;Char 1: SsRrSave (open window) or Restore (write from buffer)
;Char 2: 1...24Top Row
;Char 3: 1...78 Left Column
;Char 4: 2...25 Bottom Row
;Char 5: 2...80 Right Column
;Char 6: 1...255 Window Attribute
;Char 7: 1...255 Border Attribute
;----->> NOTE: Because dBase freaks out at a CHR(0), the first of the
; 256 possible attribute/color byte combinations is un-
; available - So, sue me! Seriously, I regret this and
; will address the whole issue of attribute/color at a
; later date and version. FOR NOW, IT'S UP TO YOU TO
;Char 8:1...5Border Character Set
;1. - Single Line
;2. - Double Line
;3. - Single Vertical/Double Horizontal
;4. - Double Vertical/Single Horizontal
;5 (or greater). - Use the following Character as the border character
;Char 9:1...255(OPTIONAL) The programmer selected character
;to be used as a border character - any ASCII
;plus IBM character is possible. You don't want
;a border? Use a space with the same attri
;-bute as the window attribute.....

Finally, this version DBWIND, (1.1) also known as dbWNWOAN, traps almost
NOTHING - if you send it bad parameters for window size it will ignore you.
Otherwise it will try to do whatever you tell it to - so be careful!

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