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Pull down Menu Development for Clipper.
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Pull down Menu Development for Clipper.
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Contents of the PDM_105.DOC file

PDM * Pull-Down Menu * Development System

PDM Documentation
(c) 1990 ClipCode Associates

PDM is a Pull-Down menu development tool for Clipper(R), compliant with
the IBM(tm) SAA/CUA(tm) standards.

PDM version 1.05 requires the CC.LIB function library for Clipper,
at least version 1.03.

1. Quick Start
2. PDM Development System - Goals
3. Packing List
4. Menu Definition Files
5. PDM Functions
6. CC.LIB Functions
7. CC.LIB Documentation & Norton Guide Help Text
8. PDM Debug mode
9. PDM Generated source code
10. Registering PDM


1) Run the PDM_MAKE.BAT file to link the PDM.OBJ file into PDM.EXE.
(check the CLIPPER library paths in the PDM_MAKE.BAT file)
2) Run the PDM.EXE program and select a .PDM menu definition file to
work with.
3) Examine the fully commented .PDM menu definition files.
4) Compile, link, and run the generated .PRG source code files.
5) Register your copies of PDM Dev Sys & CC.LIB!
(see the PDM_105.LIC file)

2. PDM Development System - Goals:

1) Provide a pull-down menu system for Clipper programs.

2) Create a powerful, quick, & easy-to-use menu development system
for Clipper programmers.

a. externally defined menu definitions:
Use a brief, simple externally defined menu definition for
development (to avoid recompiling every menu change).

b. quick prototyping:
The system should allow creating a working model in an hour.

c. generated source code:
The PDM system should be able to generate the necessary source
code to identically reproduce the functionality of the PDM
Development System.
The final system should be able to continue to use externally
defined menu definition files or the generated source code.

3) The resulting pull-down menu should be able to be IBM(tm) SAA/CUA

3. PACKING LIST (14 files):

PDM.OBJ the main PDM program
PDM_MAKE.BAT batch file to link PDM.OBJ and create PDM.EXE

PDM_105.DOC PDM documentation
PDM_105.LIC PDM license & registration info

QC20.PDM PDM Menu definition sample files
PW20.PDM "
WP51.PDM "

QC20.PRG PDM generated programs from the above files
PW20.PRG "
WP51.PRG "


Menu definition files are ASCII text files that define your menu.
See files: *.PDM for clearly documented examples.


* Comment line
&& Comment the rest of line
# prefix to a KEYWORD
"" use double quotes only to identify strings
- a unselectable horiz separator bar
@ level break of vertical menu element

#DIMARR dim# elements: top menu,total vert elements
(count line dividers as elements)
#HORIZMENU trigger letter, letter position in text string,
hot key, menu option text
#MENUCOL column of 1st top menu option
(all others columns are optional: 1,12,15,...)
#VERTMENU trigger letter, letter position in text string,
selectable, menu option text
#HELPTEXT 80 character length message text for message line
#COLORS PDM color strings for SET COLOR TO

5. PDM Functions:

See CC.LIB 1.03 Norton Guide for the following PDM functions:

MENUPD() Pull-Down Menu with highlighted trigger letters
PDM_FSETUP() Read PDM_INIT() (Pull Down Menu) set up values from
an ASC file
PDM_INIT() Initialize remaining optional PDM PUBLIC arrays
PDM_HELP() Default Help Message Box, if no PDM Help Function
is defined
MENUPDV() Vertical menu function (internal to MENUPD() )
PDM_SETUP() this function is generated by PDM.EXE & *.PDM definition
file it replaces PDM_FSETUP() in a finished debugged program

6. CC.LIB Functions:

The PDM functions listed above above are included in CC.LIB 1.03 or greater.
In addition CC.LIB has 70+ additional functions to speed your program
development time and enhance your programs.

7. CC.LIB Documentation & Norton Guide Help Text:

CC.LIB comes with complete library documentation. The documentation is
supplied in three formats:

1) On line: Norton Guide Help Text
2) CC_103.DOC is a text file containing the same help text
3) CC_DEMO.PRG provides a working code example of almost every function.

8. PDM Debug mode:

PDM.EXE can be put in "Debug mode." This mode causes the current menu
definition command and the current array subscript being processed to be
displayed on the "Loading Menu Definition File" screen.

It is very likely that on the first or second attempt to get your new
menu definition file (*.PDM) to load correctly you will have an error.
By being in "Debug mode," you will have displayed on the screen when the
error occurs, the current command and array subscript.

To enable Debug mode run PDM with the parameter "DEBUG"

example: C> PDM debug

9. PDM Generated source code

The source code generated by PDM.EXE and your menu definition (*.PDM) file
is immediately ready to be compiled, linked, and run. You must link the

10. Registering PDM

When you register PDM, you will receive a unique Registration Code from
ClipCode Associates. This code will be embedded into your copy of PDM.EXE
along with the name and phone number that you sent to ClipCode Associates
when you registered. To apply your Registration Code when you receive it,
run PDM with the parameter "REGISTER", the answer the input fields.

example: C> PDM register

Input: Name
Phone Number
Registration Code

Your registered copy of PDM.EXE is now fully enabled!

Thank you for using PDM & CC.LIB,

Robert Stribling
ClipCode Associates
October 1990

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