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EXCELLENT CLIPPER memo field handler UDF.
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EXCELLENT CLIPPER memo field handler UDF.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The MGET() Function set. 1/25/89

These are the files containing the MGET() function and the functions that
support it. These files are made available to help demonstrate MEMO field
use with the Nantucket's Clipper compiler. You can probably use the
programs as originally written. However, I intentionally excluded many of
the features I would want in this type of function to keep it simple and
to encourage experimentation.

If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line at the
Clipper conference on the KWIBBLE BBS, I sign on regularly. Or better still,
drop by one of the WACUG meetings. The time and place of the next meeting
is usually available on KWIBBLE.

Dale L. Clark
18389 Timko Lane
Germantown, MD 20874

KWIBBLE BBS - Home of the Washington Area Clipper Users Group!
(703) 243-4820

Files included in this ARC file:

README 1st This file.
MEMO_GET PRG Source code for the MGET Functions (fully commented)
MEMO_GET OBJ Compiled MGET function ready to link
MEMO_GET DOC Text file to put into your Clipper UDF documentation.
MEMODEMO PRG A program that demonstrates how MGET responds during READs.
MEMODEMO DBF Data file to use with the MEMODEMO program
MEMODEMO DBT Memo field text file for the MEMODEMO.DBF file

These programs were written for Clipper, Summer 87 and must be linked with
the EXTEND.LIB as well as the CLIPPER.LIB file.

You are welcome to copy or distribute the archived file provided.
Please do not distribute the programs if you have modified them.

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