Dec 062017
Norton Guide for UI's Clipper extensions.
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Norton Guide for UI’s Clipper extensions.
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Contents of the README file

Well, this time I didn't waste any time getting Basil's new literary master
piece put in a Norton-pop-up! (actually, I did waste a little). Now, we can
all master the new stuff in no time at all!

If it's any consolation Basil, I'm getting less sleep now than ever! Your
changes really knocked me around! I can't wait for beta 3. UI beta releases
are like Rambo movies, they just keep getting better! "Take no prisoners!"

Like before, if you are interested in the Norton ASCII text, download it
on my BBS (603) 352-7919 (2400 baud, soon to be 9600 if I can find a

Clipper heads, there is also a Clipper function library on there.

Oh Basil, have a good laugh when you see Foxbase's new ap gen!

* Jerry *

"UI - 2 or DIE!"

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