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Excellent online Phone dbase system.
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Excellent online Phone dbase system.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to version 3.0 of the Personal Telephone Book. This version
was written in a different language. If you have registered version 2.01
and for some reason did not get your notification of the update by mail,
send a postage paid disk with your data and I will send you the update and
convert your data for you.

With one exception, everything involved with using this software
should be self explanatory. There are help screens etc. The first time
the software is loaded, the index files will be created. After that you
can reindex as often as you like.

The one item not covered in the help screens is covered fully in
the documentation along with ideas on how to use this feature. When you
register your copy you will receive full documentation along with the

Many thanks to those who registered previously. I hope you find the
enhancements useful!

Don Reese 1988

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