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ChkNdxPO is a dBASE utility that reads a dBASE III, III+ or IV index (.NDX) file and tells you what is wrong with it.
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ChkNdxPO is a dBASE utility that reads a dBASE III, III+ or IV index (.NDX) file and tells you what is wrong with it.
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BADS.NDX 2048 278 deflated
CHKNDX.BAT 245 176 deflated
CHKNDXPO.COM 61139 37228 deflated
CHKNDXPO.DOC 4049 1829 deflated
GOODS.DBF 5212 981 deflated
GOODS.NDX 2048 286 deflated

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Contents of the CHKNDXPO.DOC file

ChkNdxPO Version 0.1
P. L. Olympia
Darwin Systems, Inc.


ChkNdxPO is a dBASE utility that reads a dBASE III, III+ or IV
index (.NDX) file and tells you what, if any, is wrong with it.
You don't need dBASE to run this program.

ReNdxPO, which is under beta test now, will proceed and re-index
the bad .NDX file for you. I have the Clipper versions of both
programs and may release them also if anyone is interested
(what is this, PROMISEWare?)

To determine if the .NDX file is bad, the program has to traverse the
index tree and read the corresponding .DBF file. So, it needs the .DBF
and .NDX files.


Too often, people update a .DBF file without having all its .NDX
files active. Thus, the .NDX file will be out of sync with the
data, and when used, will make the .DBF look incorrect. Run this
program when you suspect that something is wrong with your files,
or to assure yourself that everything is peachy.


Syntax is: ChkNdxPO dbfname [ndxname]

Examples: ChkNdxPO employee emplssn
ChkNdxPO goods (assumes GOODS.NDX)

Do NOT give the .DBF or .NDX file extension. If the is the
same as the , you may omit the former. To refresh your
memory about the program syntax (if you're *THAT* absent minded)
just type the name of the program:

C> ChkNdxPO

and you'll also see the program revision number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you provide an that does NOT belong with
the the program will report (as it should) that there is
something wrong with the .NDX file. In that sense, the program can
help tell you which .NDX files belong to which .DBF files, although
there is a better way to do this.

The ChkNdxPO package contains the following files:
ChkNdxPO.COM -- the program
ChkNdxPO.DOC -- this file you are reading
GOODS.DBF -- a modified dBASE IV file from the dB4 Samples disk
GOODS.NDX -- a good .NDX file for GOODS.DBF
BADS.NDX -- an .NDX file which is out of sync with GOODS.DBF
CHKNDX.BAT -- run this to exercise the program


I'm glad you asked.

The program is free but is NOT public domain as I have copyrighted
it. Do NOT sell it or otherwise get rich by it (heh, heh)...just
give it away.

As usual, I have tested this program and found it to perform
according to my expectations. Use it at your own risk.


To keep my Darwin BBS operational and free, I have been marketing
a bunch of utilities called the "Dr. dBASE Utilities." Right now,
there are two disks in the series which are being offered at
introductory prices (subject to change without notice)

MEMOPAK -- $69.95
Includes MEMOPO for dBASE III,III+,FoxBASE+,Clipper,dBXL/QS
and clones. A memo field utility for the civilized.
dMEMO, a memo field utility for dBASE IV and clones.
Also includes most of the dBASE utilities I have written.

NETPAK -- $89.95
Includes MIMU (Make it Multi-User) to turn your single user dBASE
of FoxBASE code into multiuser programs ready to run on a network.
Does this very fast, right before your eyes. Also includes TTSBINS
to implement transaction processing on a Novell SFT network. Works
on all dBASE-compatible languages including dBASE IV. Includes a
bunch of other network related .bins including network printer
control and redirector, etc.

For order info, call or write:
Dr. dBASE Utilities
Darwin Systems, Inc.
17 Thorburn Road
North Potomac, MD 20878
301-251-0497 BBS: 301-251-9206, Hayes 9600 V.42

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