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Add Compiler info & comments to Clipper EXE's need Clipper!.
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Add Compiler info & comments to Clipper EXE’s need Clipper!.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

NOTE: I have included only the source code for these programs to keep the
download reasonable. To compile them use the standard method of
compiling Clipper programs. No special routines were used in them.

The two programs included in this package are ADD2FILE & CHKFILE. The purpose
of these programs is to add information to your compiled EXE file for
identification purposes. These programs were written out of a need to track
original file name,compile date & time & reason for re-compile. When I would
compile a program for someone else they frequently renamed the EXE file. In
addition to that, one of my users uses Concurrent Dos. In Concurrent Dos
an EXE must be Pifed to allow it run in Concurent Dos. While this does not
change the program size, it does update the file time & date. The original
compile date & time were lost and made comparisons harder.

Program: ADD2FILE
Usage: ADD2FILE filename (where filename is the EXE without the extension)
I have added this program to my CL bat file(see exzample below) so that every
time I compile this information is added to my EXE file. It can also be run
from the dos prompt. The program accepts the filename as a parameter and
reads the current date & time. In addition, you will be prompted to enter an
optional message of up to 50 characters to describe the program or reason
for re-compile. You may leave this blank by hitting enter when prompted.

Sample CL bat file:
Clipper %1
add2file %1

Program: CHKFILE
Usage: CHKFILE filename.extension(extension required)
This will read the file and check for the presence of the information. If found
it will display it to the screen.

These programs have been tested by myself but no guarantee is given! Please try
them first on copies of your files!

If you have any feedback regarding these programs please pass it on. I can be
reached at Compuserve 73257,1737 and the following BBS's in Maryland:

Contech BBS 301-340-2212
Programmers Corner 301-995-3744 & 301-596-1180
Painframe 301-488-7461

Gary Blatt
Baltimore, MD

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