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Make dB3+ index from DOS.
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Make dB3+ index from DOS.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

MAKENDX version 1.014 January 1988

MAKENDX is a program to create dBase III Plus NDX files. The
DOS command-line is:

C>makendx [index len]

where [index len] is optional, if the is numeric or date
(dBase numeric or date key expressions always have a length of 8).

For example, if FOO is a character field, then:

C>makendx foo len(foo) n


C>makendx foo2 upper(substr(foo,1,5)) c 5

Note that the length of a character key expression is NOT the length of
the dBase expression which represents it: the length of


is 5, NOT 22.

A number of people have asked me for MAKENDX, so here it is. Where
MAKENDX is really useful though, is in the context of my program MAKEDBF,
and, in fact, all the capabilities of MAKENDX (and more) have been built
into the latest version of MAKEDBF.

If you are using FoxBase+, it's true that Fox has its own IDX index
file format, but remember that if Fox encounters an NDX file, it will
automatically convert it to IDX. For Clipper users, the latest version
comes with NDX.OBJ which, once linked in with your program, allows
you to directly use NDX files in Clipper.

To get the latest set of the dBase utilities MAKEDBF, MAKENDX, MAKEMEM,
and more, including complete C source code, please register with the
author ($20):

Andrew Schulman
12 Humboldt Street
Cambridge MA 02140

If you are already a registered user of MAKEDBF or MAKEMEM and would
like the very latest versions, an update costs $5.50.

I want to thank Randy Wallin, for pushing me to write MAKENDX, and
Pete Olympia (patron saint of shareware authors), for supplying information
on the NDX file format.

The source code for MAKENDX is supplied with the ARC file. You
are free to do anything with it, except make money off it.

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