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Great invoice program for dbase III+.
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Great invoice program for dbase III+.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PARTS.BAK 3840 1026 deflated
PARTS.DBF 4734 1226 deflated
PARTS.FMT 832 312 deflated
PARTS.NDX 2048 656 deflated
PARTS.PRG 2460 974 deflated
PARTS.QRY 25 18 deflated
PARTS.SCR 1436 468 deflated
PARTS.TXT 1257 401 deflated
PARTS2.BAK 4986 1405 deflated
PARTS2.PRG 4986 1405 deflated
PKARC.COM 19573 13017 deflated
README.1ST 1642 851 deflated
README.BAK 1641 850 deflated

Download File PARTSDB3.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

Thank you for downloading DBase III+ invoice system. This is a
program that was designed by myself to fill a need in my own business.
The arc file contains all files needed to run the invoice using
DBase III+. Although this program is made for "Mitchell Electronics,
it can be easily edited to your own specifications using the dbase
editor. For those of you who are familiar with dbaseIII+, this is an
easy task. However if you are not to used to working in the edit mode
of dbase, the command to begin the edit can be initiated from the
dbase `.' prompt. At that point you should enter "modi comm parts2"
and return. you will see the DBase III+ program code, and you can
then change the respective areas of the program to suite your needs.
(A great opportunity for those of you who don't know the code that well to
learn it a bit better.

If you think this program may help you in your work, please feel
free to send any helpful suggestions or changes you have made to your local
bulletin board. (most likely, the one you got this from.) If you feel
that this program is worth anything please feel free to send a donation of
your choosing to:
SUITE #101

In the future, there WILL be programming updates to this program
and as of now it may be distributed freely with the ususal stipulation
stating that it must be in its origional form when passed on.
Again, I hope you have fun with this, and if applicable, I hope you can
learn a few things.

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