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Contact Plus v2.5 client tracking system.

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Contact Plus Personal 2.5 - award winning!
New: Full support for WordPerfect 6.0
form letters and mail-merge. Import.
Still: auto-dialer, user defined fields
categories, memory resident (TSR), Avery
mailing labels, ticklers, reminders,
history graph, call analysis reports,
24 categories, holidays, databases,
automated follow-up schedules, history.
By Contact Plus Corp.

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Contact Plus v2.5 client tracking system.
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FRIEND.BAT 772 358 deflated
IMPORT.EXE 30254 29504 deflated
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REALTOR.NOT 2788 695 deflated
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SAMPLE.FRM 274 191 deflated
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SAMPLE.NX1 553 117 deflated
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Contents of the C.DOC file


TITLE: CONTACT PLUS PERSONAL contact management system



AUXILIARY FILES: CPTUT25.ZIP - slideshow tutorial


Contact Plus is an excellent way to keep track of people in
your life. It helps you organize your phone calls, notes,
notes and future appointments. You can keep multiple databases
and can setup your own user defined fields. It is a great
application for salesmen, telemarketing, realtors, insurance
agents, bankers. It has won several honors including "Best Buy
of the Year" in Business Marketing Magazine (Jan '89), and
"Best of Shareware 1990" in the business category in PC World
Magazine (Oct '90), and "Editor's Choice" (Jan/Feb 1992) in
Shareware Magazine.


IBM-PC or compatible with 512K RAM. Hard disk required.
Hayes compatible modem (attached to COM1 or COM2) for the
auto-dialer. Color monitor suggested although not required.
DOS version 3.0 or greater for the memory resident option.


$99 plus shipping. Registration entitles you to a 170 page
printed manual, extra programs related to the system, a word
processor, and BBS/telephone/fax support.

** WHAT'S NEW **

2.5 changes/updates

The ALT-Q key now will quit Contact Plus, bypassing the normal
exit procedure. The use of this option is not encouraged if
you don't make regular backups of the data.


Better video support for mono laptop monitors using reverse video
instead of highlight characters.

Full support for the internal file format of WORDPERFECT 6.0 for DOS
Now includes a new macro file for WordPerfect 6.0 mail/merge
operations as well as support for very large WordPerfect 6.0 native
file format FORM template files. See WORDPERFECT 6.0 instructions

Will now create a letter file (F6 key) using the company name without

CAPS LOCK will not affect the selection of letters (F6) anymore.

Now includes an IMPORT program that will import ONE-FIELD-PER-LINE
and COMMA-DELIMITED format ASCII files.

2.4 changes/updates

WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1 users will be delighted now that the mass
mail/merge option has been streamlined and thoroughly improved.

New look on popup windows and more color choices.

Easy to print sample template key for mail/merge operation
using the ALT-T hotkey.

Quickly change between databases from the HEADER PAGE using
the ALT-D hotkey.

Registration is now much easier via the ALT-O (order) key.

You can now easily make fresh copies of the shareware system to
pass around to friends using the ALT-C (copy system) key.

Automatically runs the slide-show tutorial using the
ALT-S (show) key.

2.3 changes/updates

This version features a memory resident option. You can now
keep Contact Plus loaded into memory and "popup" over a running
application by pressing a combination of hotkeys. While Contact
Plus is loaded into memory it consumes approximately 35 K of RAM.

You can now print 1 up, 2 up, 3 up, chesire and laser printer
mailing labels.

The autodialer will continue to let you log time spent on the


phone while browsing through the database.

It is now much easier to add, edit and rename letters via the
F6 (WP) key. Press the F6 (WP) key while in any of the Contact
Menus to see how to create a new letter.


This version of Contact Plus is compatible with the datafiles of
all 2.1x versions. If you are running a previous version all you
have to do is copy the C.EXE, CSETUP.EXE, C.HLP and CSETUP.HLP
files into your old Contact Plus directory.

DO NOT COPY THE FOLLOWING FILES (as they contain sample data):



Welcome to CONTACT PLUS(R) PERSONAL version 2.5. This is a
client tracking system suitable for anyone needing to keep track
of people. If you are in the business where client contact is
important, then this system is for you. Since this program is being
distributed via shareware, you are encouraged to try out the system
and if you find yourself using it on a regular basis, you will want
to register the system with the author. An INVOICE.DOC file has been
prepared for your use to register.

Contact Plus logs the last 30 phone calls and the last 15 letters
to each client in your database. It features an autodialer and a way
to keep track of incoming calls. Contact Plus also interfaces directly
with WordPerfect(TM) and WordStar using the F6 (WP) key. This is not
an ASCII or text file interface -- it will actually generate instant
follow up letters in native word processing format to your clients
by simply pressing a key.

Make sure that you run the slide-show tutorial program. It will


give you more information on how to use Contact Plus successfully.

The slide-show tutorial is available by pressing the ALT-S key
from any of the contact screens. In order for the slide-show
tutorial to run properly the following files must be present
in your contact directory:

prorun.exe t24main.set t24t1.set t24t2.set t24t3.set t24t4.set
t24t5.set t24t6.set t24t7.set tutor.bat tutor.doc


Let's introduce Harry, a salesperson for a restaurant equipment
manufacturer. Harry needs to keep track of basic information such
as the name, address and phone number of his clients. However,
Harry wants a history of previous contact with his clients. He
also needs to track information such as the best time to contact,
the receptionist's name, and the next action step (send
literature, call back, etc). Contact Plus stores the previous 30
phone calls including the date, time, duration and any notes for
each of his clients. It also has user-defined fields available so
Harry can customize the database for his particular needs. Since
Harry can't touch type, popup lookup menus are available which can
save him much time when entering new data.

As customers call him, he uses the notes windows to keep detailed
records of all conversations. Using the incoming call button (F9)
he also has a record of the phone call. If Harry wishes to recall
a conversation about "blendomatics" but can't remember who he was
speaking to, he can search all notes/phone calls/memos/ticklers
for the word "blendomatics".

Harry likes to send follow up letters to his clients immediately
after speaking with them on the phone. Contact Plus makes this
simple as it gives him the ability to enter up to 150 different
template files. Each template file will have the client's
name/address/city entered. Since Harry has been using WordPerfect
for a while and has a laser printer, Contact Plus enables Harry to
send handsome follow-up letters which impress his clients and
gives him a professional edge over his competition.

At the end of the week, Harry has to report the number of calls he
has made to his clients. He simply sends a copy of the phone log
report captured to an output file to his main office.

Keeping track of customers used to take Harry hours every day. He
wasn't able to spend all the time he wanted actually making


contact with his clients. With Contact Plus, Harry can now keep
better track of his customers and have even more time to bring in
new business.


o Memory resident option to popup
o Autodialer
o Rolodex(r) cards
o Mail/merge for mass mailings
o Elapsed phone call timer
o User defined date fields
o Multiple databases
o Ticklers/reminders
o Reschedules your outstanding ticklers
o Automated follow up schedules
o Extensive online help (over 2,000 lines of help)
o 24 categories to classify your contacts
o Interface to word processor with form files
o Interleaved letter/envelope printing
o Call analysis reports (Who didn't you call?)
o Local and long distance dialing prefixes
o Popup lookup and data entry windows
o Colorful calendars and screens
o Mouse support
o Support for 43/50 line mode on reports (EGA/VGA monitors only)
o Browse screen for dialing, taking notes and writing letters
o Phone call history
o Mailing labels (1 up, 2 up, 3 up and laser labels)
o Correspondence history
o User defined index fields
o History graph
o Unlimited date stamped notes
o Keeps track of holidays/vacations
o WordPerfect secondary mail/merge interface
o ASCII file import


When you register you will receive:

o the latest version of the software

o 170 page printed manual


o a monthly calendar generation program

o a program to prints out today's ticklers to the screen or
to the printer when the computer is rebooted

o an import program to import data (DBASE as well as comma-delim
format) from other database programs or computers

o a utility copy contacts between databases or delete groups
of contacts

o a simple word processor

o repair programs for Contact Plus databases


Printed manual and extra utilities $ 99.00

Shipping USA $ 8.00 (UPS Blue)
Canada $ 12.00 (Express Air Mail)
Overseas $ 25.00 (Express Air Mail)

Specify disk size: 3.5" or 5.25"

Method of payment: CASH
COD (USA only - add $4.00)

1. Press ALT-O (order key) while running Contact Plus

2. Print the order form and

a. Call toll-free 800-366-9876 or 407-779-4900 (9am - 5pm EST)
b. Fax your order to 407-779-3311
c. Mail the order form with payment to:

Contact Plus Corporation
PO Box 372577
Satellite Beach, FL 32937-0577

3. Call the Contact Plus BBS system at 407-779-4422. From the MAIN


MENU select the QUESTIONNAIRE MENU. Settings 8 bits, no parity,
1 stop bit (8-N-1), 1200 - 9600 baud.

Contact Plus Corporation reserves the right to change this offer
at anytime. Contact Plus is a registered trademark of Contact Plus
Corporation. Contact Plus Corporation also holds the US copyright
to Contact Plus.


Make sure that the proper date and time are set on your computer.
CONTACT PLUS uses the date and time for many functions.

(1) From the C prompt make a directory called CONTACT by
typing MD \CONTACT (press Enter)

(2) Change to the prompt where the Contact Plus disk is
located by typing A: or B: (press Enter)

(3) Copy the files from the diskette to the hard drive by
typing COPY *.* C:\CONTACT (press Enter)

(4) Change back to the C prompt in the CONTACT directory by
typing C: (press Enter) then CD \CONTACT (press Enter)

(5) To start Contact Plus type the command "C".

Press the HELP button (F1) often when first getting acquainted
with Contact Plus.

If you have a problem at startup with the message:


Follow these steps:

(1) Locate your "config.sys" file. This file is a DOS
configuration file and is located in the root directory of
your boot disk. Enter the following command to go to the
root directory:

cd \

(2) Enter the following command which will either create the
config.sys file or add the line to it.


echo FILES=20 >> config.sys

(3) Turn off your computer and turn it back on again.

(4) Try to run Contact Plus again.

Contact Plus comes with a sample database. Feel free to
change any of the user defined fields and experiment with the
system as you wish.

We strongly urge regular database backup of Contact Plus to
prevent loss of data. We suggest an odd/even system of daily
backup of Contact Plus files. This means that a diskette
marked "odd" would be used to backup data on odd numbered
days and a diskette marked "even" would be used to backup
data on even days. In this way, should a backup disk become
faulty, only one day's worth of data would be lost.


Although we do not recommend that you run Contact Plus on a
floppy based system due to the large amount of disk activity
that is required, you can get the most out of your dual-based
floppy system if you separate the program and the data on
different floppies

Note: you CANNOT run Contact Plus as a memory resident program
if you are running on a floppy system.

If you are running Contact Plus on a dual floppy system, you
can place Contact Plus (the program) on one disk and the data
files on another disk. This strategy will give you more room
for contacts on the data disk.

The program diskette should contain the following file:


The data diskette should contain the following files:


Place the program diskette into drive A and the data diskette
into drive B. Make drive B the current drive by entering:



Then run the program from drive A by entering:



A separate simple IMPORT program has been included with the unregistered
version of Contact Plus Personal to make it easier to input names from
other databases and/or mailing lists.

The import program will import lists in either COMMA-DELIMITED format or

Comma delimited format files will look something like this:

"Joe","Schmoe","123 Main Avenue","Orlando","FL",32222
"Sally","Spano","8888 Altari Avenue","Orlando","FL",32223

A file in one-field-per-line format will look something like the
following where each name (record) occupies a fixed number of lines:

123 Main Avenue
8888 Altari Avenue


1) Make a backup of your current contact database if it contains any
names. This is VERY IMPORTANT as you may accidentally import
information into the wrong fields during the import process.

2) Copy the ASCII file you wish to import into your \CONTACT directory.

3) You need to determine the order and the number of fields in the


ASCII file by looking at a printout or a description of the ASCII

For example, if we have a comma-delimited file in the following

"Joe","Schmoe","123 Main Avenue","Orlando","FL",32222
"Sally","Spano","8888 Altari Avenue","Orlando","FL",32223

Reading from left to right, we see the following fields:

first name
last name
address line 1

4) Run IMPORT with the fields as determined in step 3. In our example
we would enter the following at the C prompt:

C> import fn ln a1 ci st zi

Make sure that the order of the fields matches the order of the
fields in the ASCII file as read from left to right. If you
encounter a field you want to ignore, use the 'bl' field name.

For example to ignore the state name, you would type the
following at the DOS prompt:

C> import fn ln a1 ci bl zi

a) You will then be asked for the name of the CONTACT PLUS
database. Typically you will want to enter the name of
the database "CONTACT".

b) You will then be asked for the name of the file you are
importing. This is the file containing the list of names from
another system or a list that you purchased.

c) You will then be asked if you wish to convert the input from
ALL UPPERCASE to Mixed Case. A name such as "JOHN DOE" would
be converted to "John Doe"

5) Your names will then scroll onto the screen one page at a time.
You can selectively choose which of the names will be imported
by entering 'y' to import. If you select 'n', the name on the
screen will not be imported. If you select 'x', the entire
list will be imported. If you select 'q', the import will stop.



Contact Plus can run in either memory resident mode (available
only if your computer has a hard disk) or in normal mode. In
memory resident mode, a small (35K byte) portion of Contact Plus
will remain in memory at all times, ready to spring into action at
the press of a key. You must first run the CSETUP program if you
wish to install the memory resident option. The CSETUP program is
discussed in the next section.

If you plan to run other memory resident programs with Contact
Plus, it is normally best to load Contact Plus last.

To setup the memory resident option (hard disk systems only),
proceed as follows:

1) Change to the directory in which Contact Plus was installed.

2) Type "CSETUP" and press ENTER.

3) Change to the MODE from NORMAL to MEMORY RESIDENT.

4) Press ESC to quit and answer "Y" to save.

To load Contact Plus in Memory Resident mode, proceed as follows:

1) Change to the directory in which Contact Plus was installed.


2) Type C and press ENTER.

3) Contact Plus will display a message when loaded successfully.

You can place the two commands above in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file if
you want Contact Plus loaded into memory when you start your

See the MEMRES.TXT file for a list of incompatibilities and
potential pitfalls.


In order to run Contact Plus as a memory resident program, you


must first run the CSETUP program. CSETUP will tell Contact Plus
how to start, what database should be loaded, what hot keys should
be pressed.

When Contact Plus is loaded as a TSR (Terminate Stay Resident), it
is loaded into memory and will wait behind the scenes to "pop up"
when a certain combination of keys ("hotkey") are pressed. Contact
Plus can run even when another program is running. A popular
example of this type of TSR is Borland's Sidekick program.

The hot key combination should be picked for both convenience and
portability. You should select a hotkey that could possibly be
used by your word processor. Examples of poor key combinations are
"SHIFT-F1", "CTRL-A", "CTRL-F10". If you wish to select a function
key as your hot key, we recommend that you use both CTRL and ALT
simultaneously. Better examples of hot key combinations are

Contact Plus runs as a "swapping" TSR, that is, it uses either EMS
or the hard disk to temporarily swap programs from RAM memory. The
swapping capability allows Contact Plus to remain small in size
... only 35K of RAM is used.

If you are swapping to DISK, Contact Plus will create several
files explained below in the swap file directory. Do not delete
any of these files while Contact Plus is loaded into memory! You
may safely delete these files only if Contact Plus is NOT loaded
into memory.

There are three temporary files that may be created when running
Contact Plus as a memory resident program and NOT using EMS to

1) CPLUSTMP.$$$ - created when first loading Contact Plus
into memory.

2) CPLUSSWP.$$$ - created when you press F5 to go to DOS
or launch another application or by pressing F6 to
launch the word processor.

3) CPLUSSCR.$$$ - contains an image of the screen
after the hotkey is pressed and BEFORE Contact Plus is


Run the CSETUP program if you wish to customize the various memory


resident options. You can specify whether you want to run in
memory resident mode or not, what combination of hot keys should
be used.

Go to the USER PARAMETER MENU to change the user defined fields.
You will want to set the first two user defined fields with
something that can be sorted such as account number, region, sales
id, or social security number. You may also want to customize the
user defined date fields. There are three user defined date fields
which can be customized as: FIRST DATE, NEXT DATE, BIRTH DATE, etc.


Adding and deleting individual contacts may only be done from
the HEADER PAGE under the CONTACTS selection in the MAIN

To add a contact, press A followed by the ENTER key. You can
copy the information being displayed to the new contact or
enter your information on a new, clean screen. When finished
adding the contact, press ESC. You will be prompted to save
the contact.

To delete a contact, bring the contact up on the HEADER PAGE.
Press D followed by the ENTER key. Answer "Yes" to the
Delete? prompt. You cannot retrieve a contact once it has
been deleted. All associated ticklers, notes, letter history,
and phone call history will be deleted from the database.

You don't have to do anything special to search for a contact
in Contact Plus because Contact Plus is ALWAYS in search
mode. The search will depend upon the setting of the index
which may be last name, company name, zip code or one of the
two user defined index fields. To change the current index,
press "I" followed by the ENTER key. You will be prompted for
the index to change.

Press the UP and DOWN arrow to access different contacts or
enter the first few characters of the last name. If you
change the index to COMPANY, you may access the contacts by
company name instead of last name. The indexing feature is
also available for zip code, user field 1 and user defined
field 2.

From the HEADER SCREEN, press the F8 (Browse) key to get a
global view of the contacts. This will allow you to quickly
look at each contact in a list.



Press F3 or F4 from any of the pages under the Contact Menu. Of
course, the contact that you want to dial must be displayed on the
screen. If you have a Hayes compatible modem, Contact Plus will
dial the phone for you. Otherwise, you can still press F3 or F4 to
log the phone call but you will have to dial the phone manually.

Each call will be stored in the phone log page with the most
recent call appearing at the top of the screen. The phone calls
cannot be deleted once they are entered. You have access to the
previous 30 calls only.


Contact Plus has the unique ability to interface with WordPerfect,
Word, and WordStar when generating followup letters automatically.
From the Contact Plus menu, simply press F6 and you will be presented
with a list of up to 150 different FORM files. Each file is a template
with codes where the salutation, address, dates will go. You must
specify the name of your word processor in the SYSTEM PARAMETER MENU in
order for this to work properly.

For example, if you are using WordPerfect 6.0 and you have stored
WordPerfect on the C drive your WordProcessor field would be set


You will need to create the form letters ahead of time using your word
processor. Make sure that the form letters created are stored in the
FORMS FILE DIRECTORY and that they all end with the file name
extension ".FRM". The easiest way of creating new form files is by
pressing the F6 (WP) key from any of the contact menus. You will then
be presented with a popup allowing you to "ADD" new form letters.
Press "A" to add a new form letter.

If you are using MicroSoft Word or Works you will want to save the files
as TEXT FILES using the SAVE AS option. If you are using WordPerfect,
WordStar or XyWrite you can save the files as document files.

Contact Plus currently does not support Professional Write.




Most prompts in the header page have a popup window that enables you
to enter common information at the press of a few keystrokes.
If the popups are set to appear automatically, they will popup
whenever the highlight bar is placed over the field. Otherwise,
press F10 to access the popup menu on those prompts in the HEADER
PAGE. Press F10 again to modify, or add a new entry to the popup

** NOTES **

While in any of the contact menu pages, you may press the F7 key
(NOTES) which will bring up a date/time stamped note. The notes
may be summoned while any other popup window is on the screen. It
is especially convenient when talking on the phone.

There are an unlimited number of notes that can be stored
perpetually for each contact in the database. Each note is date
and time stamped for your convenience.


Use the tickler feature to remind you to call back or followup on
one of your clients. Each contact in the database has up to 15
different associated ticklers. Use the DONE? field to signify if
the task was completed, not completed or if you don't care.

Contact Plus will warn you if the scheduled tickler falls on a
holiday or on a weekend.

The ticklers marked as NOT DONE today, can be rescheduled to a
date in the future.


There are 15 reports available all of which can be printed on the
screen, printer or sent to a capture file for later processing
with a word processor.

A selection menu will appear after the report is chosen. The
selection menu allows you to sort and select particular clients



If you wish to send one letter to a bunch of clients the
mail/merge feature will allow you to do just that. Simply create
an ASCII text file using your favorite editor and call it
CONTACT.1, CONTACT.2 CONTACT.3 through CONTACT.8. The first
mail/merge template under the mail/merge menu corresponds to the
CONTACT.1, the second template corresponds to the file CONTACT.2,
etc. The sample files CONTACT.1 CONTACT.2, and CONTACT.3 are
included with the shareware version.

Make sure that the files are stored as TEXT files. If you are
using MicroSoft Word or Works save the files using the SAVE AS
option. Wordstar users will save the files in NON-DOCUMENT mode.

Here is a list of the mail/merge codes used in both MAIL/MERGE and
in the F6 (WP) form letter function:

Field definitions are as follows:

*d1 - current date (format - 31 Oct 87)
*d2 - current date (format - October 31, 1987)
*d3 - current date (format - 10/31/87)
*d4 - current day (Monday, Tuesday, ... )
*t1 - current time (format - 15:23:43) military
*t2 - current time (format - 15:23) military
*t3 - current time (format - 03:23:43) standard
*t4 - current time (format - 03:23) standard
*sa - salutation
*fn - first name
*ln - last name
*ti - title
*a1 - address line 1
*a2 - address line 2
*st - state name
*ci - city name
*zi - zip code
*cn - country name
*po - phone One
*pt - phone Two
*co - company name
*me - memo field
*u1 - user defined index field 1
*u2 - user defined index field 2
*u3 - user defined field 3 (25 characters)
*u4 - user defined field 4 " "


*u5 - user defined field 5 " "
*u6 - user defined field 6 " "
*w1 - user defined date field 1
*w2 - user defined date field 2
*w3 - user defined date field 3
(date format 04 Apr 89)

*m1 - pin feed mailing labels (7 lines)
*m2 - " " " (6 lines)
*m3 - " " " (4 lines)
*m4 - " " " (5 lines)
*m5 - " " " (6 lines)
*pa - pause printer for form change
*ff - form feed

To pad a field with blanks and right or left justify a field enter
a width specification like:

*po%20 - phone 1 phone right just. pad with space
*pt%-20 - phone 2 left just. pad with space


You can now automatically mail/merge from within Contact Plus
directly into WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.0. Therefore you can use all
the powerful printing and formatting options of the world's most
popular and powerful wordprocessor. If you are interested in
sending only one letter, you do NOT want to use mail/merge.
Mail/merge is practical for mass mailings where the number of
pieces prohibits the use of the F6 key to produce individual
letters from the CONTACT MENU.

Step 1: Make sure that the program WP.EXE including the full path
name is entered in the WORD PROCESSOR PATH prompt under the

If you're using WORDPERFECT 5.0 or 5.1, enter:


If you're using WORDPERFECT 6.0, enter:


Step 2: Make sure that the WORDPROCESSOR TYPE is set to
WORDPERFECT 5 or WORDPERFECT 6 as appropriate.


Step 3: Make sure that the enclosed keyboard macro file is
accessible to WordPerfect. To be sure COPY the macro file to your
WordPerfect directory from DOS:

If you're using WordPerfect version 5.0 or 5.1 for DOS:


If you're using WordPerfect version 6.0 for DOS, use the macro
called CPLUS60.WPM:


Step 4: Before you create your WordPerfect Primary file, run
Contact Plus and press the ALT-T (template) key. A template key
will be printed giving you the field numbers and definitions of each
field in Contact Plus.

Step 5: While running Contact Plus, proceed to the WordPerfect
Mail/Merge menu option accessed under the MAIN MENU.

Step 6: Place the highlight bar over one of the available PRIMARY
FILES and press F6. You will be launched into WordPerfect.

Step 7: Using the template guide printed in step 4 above, enter the
appropriate field numbers by pressing SHIFT-F9 then 1. Your letter
will look something like the following:

{FIELD}~5, {FIELD}~6 {FIELD}~7

Dear {FIELD}~2:

bla bla bla


Joe Schmoe

Consult your WordPerfect manual for more detailed instructions on
how to create a primary file.

Step 8: After editing your primary file (it will be named CONTACT.1)
corresponding to the primary file number you selected. Save the
changes and exit WordPerfect, you will be returned automatically
back to Contact Plus.


Step 9: While in Contact Plus, press ENTER to go to the SELECTION MENU
where you can select which contacts will be merged. Press ESC to
actually start the merge.

Step 10: WordPerfect will then be launched and each contact will
have been automatically merged. *** IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE
WORDPERFECT. This step will fail if WordPerfect cannot find the
macro file.


If you have a Microsoft mouse, you can use it by setting up the
MOUSE parameters under the SYSTEM PARAMETER MENU. The MOUSE will
act as the arrow keys. Press the LEFT mouse button for the ENTER
key and the RIGHT button for the ESC key.


It is VERY important to make regular backups of your data. The
importance cannot be stressed enough. Over time it is your data
that becomes critical to your success and a hard disk crash or
power outage could force you to re-type your information. A
painful process indeed.

This version of Contact Plus comes with a batch file that will
copy your database from the hard disk to a floppy on drive A.
If you wish to backup on drive B, make the appropriate change
to the file CBACKUP.BAT file.

The registered version comes with a utility that will compress the
database before copying them to floppy. The compression typically
squeezes a large database down to 20% of its original size.


You can keep a database of hot prospects. Another one for friends
and acquaintances and another one for your vendors. Use the
DATABASE MENU to create new databases. Use ALT-D from the header
screen to switch from database to database.



Here is what some of our satisfied customers and reviewers are
saying about Contact Plus:

Dr. File Finder (Mike Callahan, best selling book author):
"Contact Plus, by Ed Trujillo, is a full-featured program that can
be used by anyone who has to keep track of the people. It's many
features make it a powerful program that can really increase your
productivity and your effectiveness. I've looked at MANY programs
and Contact Plus is the BEST! My advice is to give it a try!"

Dr. Leon Wortman, Software Reviewer of Business Marketing Magazine
(Jan '89): "I look at, install or run an average of three or four
new software packages a month. They range in price from much less
than $100 to several thousand dollars. I know what I'm about to
report may be hard to swallow. But have faith in me. If I didn't
genuinely know that Contact Plus is the best-buy-of-the-year, I
wouldn't describe it with those very words."

Charles K. Fairchild, Washington D.C.: "You realize, I hope, that
programs like this could set a new standard for overall design and
ease of use. I have never seen anything on the regular commercial
market that feels so good to use, has so much built-in help, and
so many features!"

Harry Pollard, President of Henry George Schools of California:
"After using a dozen or more databases, I settled on Contact Plus
for the best reasons. It's the fastest database, tracker, tickler,
dialing program I've encountered. It automatically backs up,
issues reports in a variety of formats and mail/merges as you
wish. It records letters and calls, and graphs calling experience
with individual clients."

Tim Greer, Software Reviewer of the Phoenix PC User's Group (April
'90): "CLIENT TRACKING DREAM... If you are in a business where
tracking client contact is important, have I got a gem for you.
It's a piece of Shareware called CONTACT PLUS."

Brad Caverly, Film Plane of Panorama City, CA: "This is one of the
best programs I have seen ever, shareware or commercial. I have
never registered a piece of shareware before but I have never run
across a program so complete, so user friendly and so useful."

Paul Cassel, Software Reviewer of the Albuquerque Journal (July
'89): "Today, there are several programs designed to help
salespeople increase productivity. One of the best of these was


written, and is distributed by, an Albuquerque programmer, Ed

Larry Fox, Vice President Ziff-Davis Press: "I honestly have never
encountered a software package that works so much like I work.
From its friendly yet practical data screen through its
annotations, logs and reports of calls, ticklers, memos, letters,
notes and appointments to its seamless template and mail merge
with either its own word processor or Wordperfect, Contact Plus
creates a complete yet natural environment for the tracking of
daily contacts ..."


For more extensive tracking needs we also offer Contact Plus
Professional, and Contact Plus LAN (for networks) both of which
offer many more features and functions.

Call for more information.

Note to registered users of Contact Plus Personal: all data will be
transferred automatically from the Personal version to the Professional
version. We will also give you credit towards the purchase price of
the Professional version.


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