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Diet Assistant V1.0,ideal body weight,RDA calcs and more.
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Diet Assistant V1.0,ideal body weight,RDA calcs and more.
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The Diet Assistant
version 1.0
Jonathan Wood 1987

To run The Diet Assistant: type DIET.

The Diet Assistants main menu has six selections:
1)Find Your Ideal Bodyweight
2)Find Your RDA
3)Calculate Ratios From Grams
4)Calculate Grams from Ratios
5)Display C/P/F Calories
10)Exit to DOS

1)Find Your Ideal Bodyweight
In this section, The Diet Assistant will recommend a desirable bodyweight for
your height and frame size based upon a two year study of people who have
shown to have the longest life span.

2)Find Your RDA
Find your Recommended Daily Allowances as determined by the National Research

3)Calculate Ratios From Grams
If you know how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat you eat, The Diet
Assisant will tell what percentage of your daily calories come from each.

4)Calculate Grams from Ratios
The Diet Assistant will calculate how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and
fat for a given ratio. This is useful when you want a diet of... say 60%
carbohydrates, 30% protein and 10% fat. The Diet Assistant will ask you how
many calories a day you want and then tell you how many grams of each you
would need to eat.

5)Display C/P/F Calories
This section simply displays how many calories per gram of carbohydrates,
protein and fat. These figures are the most accurate values I have been able
to find to date.

10)Exit to DOS
Quits The Diet Assistant.

It became obvious to me while writing this program that the main
limitation of its value would be that most people don't care anything about
what they eat, let alone going to the trouble of finding out the exact values
of those foods. If you find this program to be usefull, I would be glad to
respond to any donations ($5.00 suggested), comments, citicism, or

They can be sent to:
Jonathan Wood
600w. Third st. #B302
Santa Ana, CA 92701
...or you may try leaving a message at the BBS where you got this.

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