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Automobile Expense Database Program.
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Automobile Expense Database Program.
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Contents of the FILES.DOC file


CAR.EXE: automobile expense database program
USAGE.EXE: automobile usage database program
CAR.ICO: icon for launching CAR.EXE from MS-Windows
USAGE.ICO: icon for launching USAGE.EXE from MS-Windows

Both CAR and USAGE have the same "look and feel" for ease of learning.
A single registration fee of $10 covers both programs.

For keeping track of more than one car:

1) Create a separate sub-directory for each car.
2) Place the program files (CAR.EXE and USAGE.EXE) in a directory that
is in your PATH (see DOS reference manual for this).
3) Run CAR or USAGE from the directory for the chosen car.
Data and program configuration files for each car will be
maintained in their own directory.

For your convenience in order to distinguish each vehicle, the configuration
is storred in the directory with its vehicle data. Therefore it is
possible to customize the screen differently for each vehicle. This
included screen colours as well as the text of the sub-title (referred
to as "auxilliary text").

For those interested, DAXaCK associates has developed cheque
writing software using the same "look and feel". It has been
developed with the business user in mind, although if your
printer will handle personal cheques, it could be used for such.
This software allows you to maintain a database of names with
addresses and telephone numbers. The database is used for the name
to print on the cheque, or a new one may be entered for one-time
issue. A log file is maintained to keep track of past cheques
written. The program also has a feature to print an envelope when
required. This program is not available as shareware - it is available
for the cost of CDN$30 (Canadian users add 7% GST; Ontario users also
add 8% PST), shipping included.

DAXaCK associates
3050 Ellesmere Road
Suite 1110
Scarborough, Ontario
M1E 5E6

Any questions/comments may be sent by email via Internet to:

[email protected]

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