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Time logging and billing system for up to 25 clients.
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Time logging and billing system for up to 25 clients.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

LOG (v 2.00) Readme File

This document describes the changes that users of any previous
version of LOG (v 1.00 to v 1.09) need to implement! Failure to
follow the following procedures may be fatal to your current log

Version 2.00 uses a different format for it's client and log
information to any previous version. What this means is that you
will have to run the conversion utility CVTLOG.EXE to convert the
old file format to the new.

If you have never used LOG prior to this version, you do not have
to follow these steps. Just follow the instructions in the
manual for installation of LOG on your system.

If you have used LOG version 1.xx, then follow these steps:

1. Copy the new LOG.EXE over the previous LOG.EXE (i.e. to the
same directory).

2. Run the program called CVTLOG.EXE as follows:
CVTLOG d:\path\logfile.ext
where the d:\path\logfile.ext is the full path to your current
log file. If you have set LOG=d:\path\logfile.ext in your
environment, then all you need to type is:
since the system will check for the LOG= environment variable.

3. The conversion program will rename your old log file to
d:\path\logfile.@@ and will create the new log file with the
original name.

4. Read the manual. There are many new improvements and options
in version 2.00.

The following files should be together as per the licensing

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