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Scraps v1.1 personal information manager.
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Scraps v1.1 personal information manager.
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Contents of the README.BAT file

type readme

Contents of the README file

type readmeWelcome to Scraps - the Freeform Personal Information Manager

Scraps is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) for your PC. You
can use Scraps to store all those odd facts and bits of
information that you come across in your busy life. Scraps will
then give you rapid access to those facts when they are needed.

Scraps is easy to use even if you are not very familar with
computer programs. A complete manual is supplied as a text file
on this disk, the file may be printed for easier reference.

Please run the INSTALL.EXE program. No changes will be made to
your hard disk without asking for your permission first.

INSTALL includes an Update Installation option for use if you
already have an older version of Scraps installed.

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