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LList/print MultiMate ADV II doc summary screens.
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LList/print MultiMate ADV II doc summary screens.
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MMDIR is a compiled Pascal program designed to display and print
out directories of Multimate files. Unlike the standard DOS
directory command, MMDIR produces a two line listing for each
file which includes information from the document summary screens
of each included document. These listings are sorted
alphabetically by file name and formatted to fill a screen or
printer page depending on the specified output device.

Specifically, each MMDIR entry includes the DOS file name and the
following items from the Multimate document summary screen:

Multimate File Name
Creation Date
Date of Last Edit
Comment Line 1

Note: In order to fit these items in two lines on the 80 columns
of a standard monitor and printer, the last two characters of the
Author and Comment Line fields are truncated.


1. From the DOS prompt type MMDIR and press return. If the drive
or directory to be listed is not the current default, follow
MMDIR with the drive designation and/or path of the directory
where the Multimate files are stored.

Example: MMDIR C:\MM\DOC

2. If you wish to print the listing of files, include a "/P"
following MMDIR. The "/P" designation may precede or follow any
drive or path specification.


This version of MMDIR is limited to 200 files in each directory

MMDIR works on the assumption that any file in the specified
directory with a DOS extension of "DOC" is a Multimate file.
Files from other sources with this extension will be included in
the listing. Depending on the content of non-Multimate DOC
files, meaningless information may be printed.

MMDIR Version 1.0


The author has no control over the use of this software.
Therefore the author does not and cannot warrant the performance
or results that may be obtained by its use.

In no event will the author be liable for any damages, including
any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use of this program,
even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such
damages, or for any claim by any other party.


You are encouraged to copy and share this program with others.
If after evaluating this program you find it to be useful, a
registration payment in the amount of $25.00 should be forwarded
to the address listed below.

As a registered user you will receive notification of revisions
and upgrades to MMDIR. In addition, registered users are
encouraged to write at the address below with any problems,
suggestions or questions.

Art Krumsee MMDIR
c/o Office of Continuing Education VERSION 1.1
The Ohio State University FEBRUARY 25, 1986
1813 N. High St. (c) Copyright 1986
Columbus, OH 43210

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